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Israel’s “Museum of Tolerance”

July 13, 2011

Expelling Palestine's native population and instituting Apartheid does not fall in the Zionist definition of intolerance (intolerance = something which is done to Jews), so you will not find them mentioned in this "museum" planned on top of a contested Muslim graveyard...

To those of us disillusioned ex-Zionists, watching Israel from the side is like watching a madman – no news, action or announcement from that collective loony bin would surprise you. However, I must admit that even I found myself befuddled at the latest announcement by the Jerusalem municipality about its plan to open a “Museum of Tolerance”. Indeed, such a grandiose plan by Zionists would typically elicit the reaction of what you would expect had you heard that Dracula decided to open a vegetarian restaurant.

As befitting such a benevolent project, and in line with the Zionist definition of tolerance, the museum is planned to be erected on top of an ancient Muslim cemetery, despite the vocal objection of Israel’s Arab community. So there you have it: a “Museum of Tolerance” built on a contested Muslim graveyard is what Israel has in mind. TheOnion could not have produced such a headline even if they gathered their brightest creative minds and locked them in a room for a month.

But let’s give the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this humanitarian project justifies the means and teaching humanity about tolerance is worth a few dilapidated headstones and a pile of Muslim bones? Even the dead may endorse the museum for a better future of coexistence and tolerance in the Holy Land which will pave the way to a true historic reconciliation. Perhaps the museum would dedicate a room or two to the memory of the hundreds of Palestinian villages dynamited and bulldozed in 1948 for no other reason than to clear land for a “Jewish state” and erase the memory of the “others”? Perhaps an exhibit or two about the millions of refugees rotting in refugee camps and denied by Israel their Geneva Convention right of return for 6 decades for no other reason than for not being born in the “right religion”? Perhaps the museum will shed some light on Israel’s apartheid rule in the territories, confiscation of lands, settlements for “Jews only”, the systematic and legal discrimination of non-Jewish Israeli citizens, let alone the millions suffering under its brutal apartheid regime? Or perhaps a brief mention of the villages of Biram and Ikrit, whose Israeli Arab denizens were forced out of their homes and watched as their villages were dynamited by the IDF, long after Israel’s independence, for no other reason than they didn’t fit with the Zionist grand plan to “Judaize” the area?

Do not hold your breath. Intolerance, according to modern Zionist terminology, is something which is done to Jews. As explains Yair Gabay, who led the museum initiative in the regional committee: “…the museum will help us combat the lies and slander that “Son’e Israel” (Israel haters) tell about us….there will also be a section dedicated to the victims of terrorism…. I have no doubt that whoever visits this museum will have better understanding of the national security needs of Israel”.

So there you have the essence of it in just a few words. The museum would better be named a Propaganda Center for  Jewish Victimhood and may as well be named after George Orwell for if it were a Museum of Tolerance, they might as well invent a new meaning to the word tolerance.

As it is, after 63 years of ethnic cleansing, oppression and holding millions of people without basic human rights under a most brutal apartheid regime, ignoring the Geneva Convention and countless UN resolutions and flouting just about any international law and treaty, the Jews in Israel still see themselves as victims of a global antisemite plot and are building a museum to etch in stone their collective delusional psychosis. And if this collective insanity was locked in an asylum, perhaps it would even be amusing. However, given the number of past and future victims of Zionism, there is only reason to be worrisome. Just like in a mental illness, without treatment the symptoms tend to worsen over time.

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