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An Observation From Someone Who Experienced Apartheid

July 27, 2011

I couldn’t put it better myself so here is a quote from someone who experienced first-hand Apartheid rule in S. Africa:

I lived through Apartheid in South Africa.

It’s hard to explain to people…but the key to understanding apartheid is to understand how the rule of bureaucracy is used against the oppressed people.

We all understand genocide or ethnic cleansing. It’s easy.

But apartheid rule operates under the guise of civility and process. Everything can be ‘justified’ for security or process reasons. Except those powers are basically used to make people’s lives miserable.

If you saw the movie District 9… it gives a glimpse of how this operates.

There were regulations stopping people from opening business, entering professions, home ownership, traveling in certain areas, land transfers…

The sinister nature of Israel is not in its bombing of terrorist targets or anything that makes the news, but in the daily checkpoints, settlements, rules and regulations that are designed to keep the Palestinians oppressed.

If my South African friend had a chance to visit the West Bank these days, she would be amazed how Israel (which was not coincidentally Apartheid South Africa’s staunchest supporter and biggest business partner, that went as far as giving formal recognition to the Bantustans and proliferated nuclear weapons technology and know-how to the vile Apartheid regime) has improved and perfected the art of Apartheid rule and increased ten fold its brutality. For even to the apartheid regime in South Africa it did not occur to use fighter jets, attack helicopters and tanks to bomb the black population of S. Africa, who were similarly accused of “terrorism”.

But that is for one major difference: while the goal of whites in S. Africa was to maintain control over the country, the Zionist grand plan is the completion of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine of its indigenous population (which started in 1947), which will be carried out at some future date, under the fog of a regional or global war.

For anyone who understands the Zionist indoctrination and goals, there is no need for leaked top-secret memos or the shorthand of a clandestine meeting of the Israeli leadership. It is in the very DNA of Zionism and a short conversation with the average Israeli will reveal just that.

Ben Gurion and the founders of Israel were quite open about the need to “transfer” the non-Jewish population, which they eventually did, terrorizing  750,000 Palestinians into flight as refugees, never to be allowed to return, demolishing their homes and razing their villages. Rehavam Zeevi, the leader of the Moledet Transfer Party, which openly advocated ethnic cleansing of the remaining Palestinians, served as a minister in the Israeli cabinet as recent as 2001. Not far behind is Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s current Foreign Minister, who advocates “population exchanges”. To the major parties in Israel (Likud and Kadima) it is not politically correct to voice such views, knowing that advocating ethnic cleansing is not going to ring well in world public opinion, especially at its sponsor, the United States, which prefers to turn a blind eye but insists that Israel carries out its policies without causing it diplomatic embarrassment. There is exception of course: the liberals in Israel do not support ethnic cleansing. They instead believe in the Bantustan solution, which might as well be embraced by the major parties as a pragmatic temporary solution to hold off international pressure while maintaining Jewish control. But by and large the ideology of Zionism and “transfers” of Palestinian is alive and well in Israel.

Every Jewish child in Israel goes to a Jewish school in which from a tender age they are taught that “we have a right to the land”. They are taught the Bible passages from the Book of Joshua where God orders his chosen people to commit genocide of the inhabitants of the “promised land”, down to the last of their wives, babies and livestock, for the only reason that they were dwelling on the land that Real Estate Agent God allocated to his favorite sons. This is not a coincidence. The curriculum is carefully selected to convince the child that “we” (i.e. the self-proclaimed  descendents of the Israelites) have an exclusive right to the land by divine decree which sanctions genocide.  The conclusion to be drawn is simple: “transfer” is a relatively “humane” solution.

In this light, the Palestinians are then viewed in the best case as “guests living on our land thanks to our generosity”, and in the worst case as unwanted intruders. Nationalist religious folk view them as “Amalek”, which should be similarly destroyed, echoing Biblical edicts. In this fantasy wonderland, European immigrants are viewed as having rightful claim to the land (from 2000 years ago no less!) while Palestinians, who have lived on the land since time immemorial, are viewed as foreigners. History books are distorted to fit the Zionist narrative.

The result of this indoctrination is that vast segments of Israeli society support ethnic cleansing (a crime against humanity) in order to complete the “resurrection of the ancient kingdom” – a romantic notion that is one of the basic tenets of Zionism. That could not be said about Apartheid S. Africa. So although there are great similarities between Israel and Apartheid S. Africa – both are a result of European colonial immigration, which one way or the other use political, legal and military means to solve their “demographic problem” – there are  differences in perception, goals and ideology. However, on the ground and in daily life, just like my S. African friend observed, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it must be the Apartheid duck.

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