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Is Israel Legitimate?

January 8, 2012

Under normal circumstances, you would never hear such a question asked about any other country’s legitimacy. However, due to Israel’s paranoia and its weighty clout in Washington, a new word has been added to our vocabulary in recent years: de-legitimization. The Jewish State has been decrying what it considers to be de-legitimization attempts by nefarious anti-Israel forces, meant to discredit it and bring its demise. They have now harnessed the US State Department as their very own government branch in their fight against the de-legitimization of Israel and to repel the slanderous attack. A peaceful flotilla of a dozen yachts attempting to sail from Greek shores to besieged Gaza experienced the brunt of the full might and diplomatic weight of the United States.

As it is with such quixotic endeavors, they usually achieve the exact opposite. After all, not many people even consider the legitimacy of states or the legitimacy of Israel. To ask whether a state is legitimate is like asking whether an elephant is taller or wider. States exist by their sheer existence. However, when they bring up this issue, it is only natural that people will start questioning something which they did not question before.

So since they brought it up, let’s ask ourselves: is Israel legitimate?

The short answer is no. I have no good news for Israelis who believe in the idea of a “Jewish State”. Israel was never a legitimate country. Not because of its recognized borders on 78% of historic Palestine, which were set in 1949 through war. It is an accepted fact that most borders in the world were set by wars. Israel is no different. What sets Israel apart is that it was established through the systematic expulsion of non-Jews. A state that is a result of ethnic cleansing should not be recognized by the international community. Just as the international community recognized Israel in 1948, they should have withdrawn their recognition in 1949, when it became clear that Israel was not going to comply with UN Resolution 194, which called on Israel to allow the refugees to return to their homes (that resolution, like many others, is being violated to this day). Not only it did not comply, but adding to its crimes, it set the policy meant to secure the Jewish lebensraum: it blew up their houses with dynamite, razed their villages with bulldozers and confiscated their remaining property and lands. It then shot to death by the thousands the refugees who attempted to return to their homes, to tend to their olive groves and harvest their fields. This is the magnitude of the crime in which the Jewish State was born and continues to live in for as long as it denies the refugees their right to return and to property.

Much like if Mormons in Utah expelled non-Mormons and declared Utah an independent Mormon state, that would make Utah an illegitimate state and no country in the world should recognize it. It would be even less legitimate if Mormons immigrated to Switzerland, expelled the Swiss, razed their villages and towns, confiscated their property and declared a Mormon State on its land – that is how legitimate Israel is.

It is Israel’s actions since its founding which made it an illegitimate state, and perhaps even the brainwashed Israelis are aware of that in their subconscious. Although they may not be aware that the town they live in is built on the ruins of a bulldozed Palestinian village whose inhabitants languish in a refugee camp, they perhaps suspect that there is something un-organic about the existence of a European colony in the Middle East which exists by sheer force and through Western support, against a region that rejects it.

And yet, Israel exists and has the unconditional support of the United States and the West and nobody aside from the powerless Middle East challenges its legitimacy. So where is this panic stemming from? Why is the Israeli government so concerned about the legitimacy of their state? Perhaps because in their subconscious, they have doubts themselves. Like a person who has gained property through theft, he is always concerned that this theft will be exposed, that his crime will be punished and the property returned to its rightful owner. But that would be giving too much credit to Israel’s leadership – made of a group of people who have been indoctrinated since their childhood with the Zionist mythology and narrative in which they simply “reclaimed” land after 2000 years and expelled recalcitrant “squatters” – they are shielded from viewing their evil deeds as such by ideological indoctrination and concocted historical fables mixed with modern-day racist nationalism which grant a “Jewish Nation” of immigrants exclusive rights to the land.

So yet the question is asked: why are they so hell bent on fighting wind mills against what they consider the de-legitimization of Israel? The explanation to that is rather simple and quite rational: in progressive circles, Israel has taken the place which was once reserved to Apartheid S. Africa (rightfully, I may add. Israel’s Apartheid is degrees of magnitude worse). It has lost the debate and is holding an indefensible moral position. Every action it takes – the ghettoization of Gaza, the rejection of the Palestinian Bantustan statehood, the expansion of settlements and the fragmentation of the remaining Palestinian enclaves – all help to sink it deeper in this bog. And while on the surface of it there is no chance on the horizon that any western state will impose sanctions on Israel, the Palestinian cause has been squarely embraced by the progressive camp around the world. In most progressive circles and in academia, Israel is a pariah. Realpolitik and propaganda can take it so far and a morally bankrupt position undermines its foundations.

Fearing the progressive camp is rational: history tells us that all issues that were once considered progressive and radical, become mainstream a decade or two later as the world marches forward (that’s a good thing!). Universal suffrage, women’s rights, black civil rights in the US and S. Africa, gay rights – all of these were once considered radical concepts, embraced by a few progressives and opposed by politicians. There is every reason to expect that support for Palestinians and Palestinian rights will only grow. And as it grows and the longer the conflict lingers, people start looking under the surface as the Zionist narrative collapses and is replaced by the truth: an exclusionary state that is established by immigrants through ethnic cleansing of the original inhabitants and committing atrocities since its founding, including the oppression of millions of people who are held for generations without basic civil rights under the military boot.

And then there is the concept of a “Jewish State” – the source of Israel’s troubles. Once again I have to remind you, a Jewish State in Palestine is no more legitimate than an Aryan state in Germany or a White State in S. Africa. “But Jews are different and need a state of their own” – the Zionists and their supporters adamantly proclaim, thus suggesting that refugee rights and the Geneva Convention should exempt Israel and that all laws, conventions and treaties should be void when the Jewish State is concerned. Here too I am afraid that I don’t have good news for you. If you want a Jewish State you should find an uninhabited island and establish a Jewish State there. It will still be an abysmal concept but at least it will not come on the expense of others. The Jews are a wealthy group and could easily buy an uninhabited chunk of Russia, Canada or the United States with the change in their pockets. I am sure their Zionist supporters overseas would be glad to help them establish a Jewish State on parts of their country. Palestine, on the other hand, was and is populated by non-Jews, so the establishment of a Jewish State on its land was and is a criminal quest – something which would require ethnic cleansing, discrimination, apartheid and eternal conflict. It will also require fortified borders, race laws and a paranoid mindset, with state policies which consider non-Jews second rate citizens and a demographic threat and a legislature single-mindedly designed to maintain Jewish rule.

So what are we supposed to do? How do we legitimize Israel? Well here for a change I have good news as it is not too late: make Israel a state of its citizens, stop discriminating between Jews and non-Jews and allow those refugees who wish to return or compensate them. I hope that it is not too much to ask from Israel to abide by the Geneva Convention. The fear of the return of the refugees is an irrational fear. It is a debilitating paranoia. If Israel could absorb a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union, most of whom have no inkling about Zionism and for the most part do not even consider themselves Jews, it should not have a problem absorbing a few hundred thousand Palestinians who are the rightful inhabitants of the land, people who have lived and worked the land for countless generations. They are the organic and indigenous population of the land that will help Israel connect with its roots, to replace the mythological and harmful invented Zionist narrative which has turned Jews into extreme nationalist racist supremacists and inflicted Israel with what could only be considered collective psychosis.

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  1. Nate permalink
    March 16, 2012 1:26 am

    When you say “the Jews are a wealthy group and could easily buy a chunk of uninhabited land from Russia, Canada, or the United Staes with the change in their pockets.” What exactly do you mean? How can you ascribe wealth to a group of people as a whole? Why is there a need to associate Jews with money in this case? What is the historical precedent for associating Jews with money? Has this been done in the past? There are many and diverse parties who have interests in the region. Many if them are independently wealthy, many are not jewish. So why is it that money comes to mind when you think of Jews?

    • Watcher465 permalink
      May 6, 2012 2:42 pm

      Gee Mr. Hasbarat, I guess you didn’t need to deflect from the thrust of this posting after all because no one else has commented. I suppose it makes you feel irrelevant. Never mind keep on trolling and know that I feel for you in this, your personal time of sorrow.


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