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One out of three thousand, six hundreds and ninety two

June 1, 2012

Percentage asylum requests granted to Eritreans in 2010, by country

The US State Department recently released a report in which it highlights the stunning fact that its “shared values special friend” and little protectorate is possibly the world’s leading anti-refugee state. The report notes that out of 3,692 reviewed requests for asylum in 2011, most of them by refugees from war-torn countries, Israel approved one (for the mathematically oriented that would be 0.03%).

Such anti-refugee bias would not be so attention worthy if it wasn’t for the habit of Jewish organizations, to this day, to point the finger at the West and blame them for having closed their borders to Jewish refugees during WWII (partially true but ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union throughout the war was open to Jewish refugees, who just preferred America). And of course, a few hundred or even a few thousand refugees cannot even change the aryan Jewish character of Israel as they represent less than one tenth of one percent. But such extreme xenophobia is almost natural in a state where every non-Jew is viewed as a “demographic threat” and all government policies are meant to maintain the Jewish majority (which was illegitimately obtained through expulsion of non-Jews). Of course it also helps that the refugees are black – the unspoken reason for categorically rejecting the asylum requests.

I guess relative to the man who suggests shooting gentiles (something Israel has experience in as thousands of unarmed Palestinians were shot to death by the IDF in the early years for trying to return to their homes and villages, which the Zionists confiscated or destroyed), Netanyahu’s plan for a concentration camp seems humane… Now where did this man in the video get the idea that the United States shoots Mexican illegal immigrants? The answer is quite simple and it’s called projection: they are projecting their own fascism and extreme ethnocentrism and xenophobia onto the rest of the world. The Zionist Jews have convinced themselves that they are a Western Democracy, therefore they believe that their attitudes to dealing with the Others (brutal oppression and military violence) are shared throughout the world.

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