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“Rights To The Land”

June 24, 2012

The basic tenet of Zionism, i.e. Jewish nationalism, is that “Jews” or a “Jewish nation” – a notional extra-territorial entity comprising of people of the Jewish faith throughout the world – have an exclusive right to a land which they call Eretz Israel (Land of Israel). Just speak to the average Israeli Jew for five minutes and they will tell you that “we (i.e. Jews, as opposed to Israelis) have a right to the land”. This belief is inculcated into Israeli Jews since childhood through Zionist indoctrination.

It follows that non-Jews who reside on the land, even if they are the natives of the land for countless generations and have land deeds, are viewed at best as “guests” or “foreigners” (Ger in Hebrew), being there not by inalienable right but rather by the Jewish landlord’s “generosity” (as you have noticed, writing about planet Israel inevitably involves a lot of quotation marks) which they must work hard to justify. At worst non-Jews are viewed as interlopers, unwanted squatters, awaiting their turn to be ethnically cleansed.

The boundaries of the mythical Eretz Israel are unknown and subject to interpretation. Some Jews claim that it stretches all the way to the Euphrates river in Iraq, some interpret the Land of Israel to contain “only” current day Jordan, while others believe that it is confined to the Jordan river. Of course, Eretz Israel is just a mythological concept, much like Xanadu, subject to religious interpretation and limited by pragmatism to how far the Israeli war machine can expand the Jewish Lebensraum, to ethnically cleanse the natives and replace them with Jewish colonies. The lack of definition of the clear borders of the mythological Eretz Israel and the nebulous extra-territorial nature of the “Jewish Nation” help explain another feature of the Jewish state: that it is borderless, boundless and expansionist.

Zionism with its Jewish “national” claim over land is a pernicious ideology that has corrupted much of Jewish society since the onset of Zionism, although many current day Jews are not even aware that they have been unwittingly subscribed to this reprehensible creed which shares common roots with Nazi ideology.

Let’s be clear: a “nation”, whether Aryan, White Protestant, Arab or Jewish, does not have “rights to the land”, not even to the geographical area where it is confined to, let alone to a geographical area that it immigrated to such as is the case with Zionism. The demonstrably corrupting feature of this ideology is that while Moyshe Nusbaum is a decent fellow who would never dream of claiming Abdullah Rahim’s house and land to himself, as a “nation” Moyshe Nusbaum does exactly that. While Hans Gunther, a decent German, would never think of claiming Yehuda Goldstein’s property for himself, as an “Aryan nation”, Hans Gunther did exactly that.

Just as Hitler’s “Aryan Nation” claimed rights to the land of Germany, deported the Jews and confiscated their property, a “Jewish Nation” of Zionists claimed the land of Palestine, expelled the native Palestinians and expropriated their houses, lands, personal property and even bank accounts. There is no difference between the two with the exception that nowadays Nazism is considered the epitome of evil while Zionism, for its more nuanced bigotry and creeping ethnic cleansing, is considered acceptable. This poisonous ideology has corrupted not only Jews: because of Jews’ prominence and special status in the Western world and the tendency of religious people (and those who cynically use religion) to interpret spiritual religious text as a land registration deed, this warped Zionist world view has been dripping onto other turfs, mainly that of Christian Zionists but also some laymen gentiles and philosemites who now subscribe to the notion that “Jews have a right to the land”.

But this is of course a great fallacy: “nations” – an imaginary arbitrary construct – do not have rights to land or property – individuals do. States extend their sovereignty over territory but extending sovereignty still does not annul individual ownership rights. For the same reason “Jews” or a “nation of Jews” do not have a right to the land of Eretz Israel, Palestine or the Holy Land no more than they have a claim to China – individuals do, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Druze.

Those who have been fooled to believe that Israel is fighting over sovereignty or that the current dispute with Palestinians is over borders must wake up from this illusion. Israel, as the “state of the Jewish nation” as it defines itself (and as an ethnic cleansing colonial state as we define it), is in a boundless continuous process of expanding the Jewish Lebensraum in which borders are only temporary armistice lines until further expansion. It takes the creed of “Jewish claim to the land” (as opposed to Israeli sovereignty over the land) and puts it into practice by ethnically cleansing non-Jews, confiscating their property and transferring lands in a one-way direction: from non-Jews to Jewish hands. As long as the ideology of “Jews claim to land” is not abolished (i.e. end of Zionism), the Jewish State will seek to expand and ethnically cleanse this notional territory of Eretz Israel, which has no defined borders.

In the same vein, winning or losing a war does not annul an individual’s right to his property or land – these are the most basic rules of humanity and such countries that violate these rules should be banished from humanity and be made pariahs, as they deservedly are. For this reason, Zionism is an ideology which must be confronted and exposed for its sinister nature. When America’s Vice President Joe Biden proclaims himself to be a Zionist to gain Jewish votes and campaign donations, we must remind him that being a Zionist means subscribing to a Nazi-like ideology which grants immigrant Jews from Europe a “right to the land”, to expel non-Jews and confiscate their property. Hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel live in the houses of Mahmoud, Ibrahim and Karim, houses which they have not bought nor could have ever claimed ownership to as individuals. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled from Germany, their lives destroyed and property confiscated. This is the end game result of these nationalist creeds, to which Zionism belongs.

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