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Elie Wiesel’s Blood Libel

August 7, 2014

Imagine a full page ad in the New York Times and other high circulation newspapers that ran with the following text:

We are calling on Prof. Elie Wiesel and Rabbi Shmuel Boteach to stop the ritual crucifixion of Christian children. In the name of Christian children worldwide and in order to save the Jewish religion that you so besmirched with your actions, we are calling on Messrs. Wiesel and Boteach to stop using the blood of Christian children in your religious ceremonies.

Most people would rightfully consider such ad to be a blood libel. And indeed this is more or less the essence of the infamous blood libels against Jews that repeated themselves every so often, mostly during the middle ages: upon the unexplained death of a Christian child, a number of Jews would be summarily arrested and put on trial for his killing. The allegation of child ritual sacrifice and crucifixion would turn into an assertion that is held by the court to be the truth while the defendant is left to prove his innocence. At the end of the trial, the Jewish suspects would commonly be executed for the crime.

Elie Wiesel Blood Libel

Elie Wiesel’s blood libel against Palestinians as a full page ad in high circulation Western newspapers

Drawing from the Jewish experience, “Mr. Holocaust” Elie Wiesel seems to have concluded that no abuse of Palestinians is complete without a good old blood libel, therefore decided to craft one of his own and circulate it in the form of a newspaper ad shown here. Wiesel’s blood libel ad uses the same tactic: it does not call for the investigation of the use of children as human shields but rather asserts this allegation to be an a-priori irrefutable fact and demands that Hamas stops using this practice. His accusation is also similar: Hamas is engaging in ritual child sacrifice. But unlike the old blood libels against Jews, Wiesel does not provide evidence, as tenuous as it might be.

The Holocaust Priest and his conniving partner, the self-appointed “America’s Rabbi” Shmuel Boteach,  take their blood libel a step further: they choose to carry out their evil deed over a medium in which they know the Palestinians cannot defend themselves: Western newspapers. Thus they deprive the defendants even the most basic right that was granted to Jews in blood libel trials: the right to plead innocence.

While Elie Wiesel knows that Hamas most likely does not subscribe to the New York or LA Times, the ad serves a practical purpose: to demonize Palestinians and enable Israel to continue carrying out its atrocities while blaming the victim. This is the true agenda of this Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

In addition to a-priori culpability, the human shield blood libel makes another implicit assertion: that Israel is morally superior to (the lowly) Palestinians. This is a reflection of Israel’s dogmatic and delusional belief in its moral superiority, despite all evidence, which allows it to commit continuous crimes against humanity without any compunction or feeling of wrongdoing.

The implied narrative of the human shield scenario goes like this: when a soldier of the “most moral army in the world”  (as brainwashed Israelis typically refer to their military), in his tank, F-16 or Apache helicopter, notices a Hamas fighter using a child as a human shield, this soldier, being such a superior moral being, refrains from shooting at them and holds his fire. Yet 500 mangled and blown up bodies of children, even if indeed had been used as human shields, refute this very assertion. In fact, the very allegation that dead children are a result of being used as human shields makes the implicit confession that Israel still shoots them! Apparently human shields are not a very effective strategy when you deal with an army that doesn’t mind blowing up the fighter along with his child human shield.

These lies that self-refute are just a manifestation of the clinical pathology of the Zionist propaganda machine. I can assure you that Netanyahu and his gang of sociopaths sleep very well at night. They have no qualms about the death of Palestinian children as they can always retreat into the bunker of lies and self deception they have created for themselves. Even more so the Holocaust author and his buffoon Rabbi sidekick who are as removed from the reality of the Gaza massacre as they are from a far away galaxy. For them it is all about tribal loyalty – facts, truth and morality be damned.

There are hundreds of foreign reporters in Gaza, yet none of them claims to have witnessed the mythological bird invented by Israeli propaganda, known by its name “child human shield”. It is impossible that in the age of ubiquitous smartphones, 500 children in Gaza have died from Israeli shells without any documentation of this modern Yeti, nor has any reliable testimony been recorded about its existence. This is a Big Lie in the Goebbelsian scale that Israel and its Zionist sympathizers in the US have been propagating through coy and unquestioning Western media outlets, repeating it so often until the calumny gains traction.

While there is no proof of the use of children as human shields by Hamas fighters, there is tons of evidence for the use of Palestinian children as human shields by Israel’s military, including the Goldstone Report which found evidence that Israel used Palestinian civilians as human shields in operation Cast Lead. In fact, human shields was a widely used tactic by Israel’s military during the first Palestinian intifada (uprisings) against stone throwers. Here is one of them (keep in mind that in order to replicate this strategy, Hamas would have to use Jewish children as human shields, something that even Wiesel does not claim is happening):

Palestinian child used as human shield by IDF against stone throwers

Palestinian child used as human shield by IDF against stone throwers.

Wiesel’s ad also feigns regret over the death of children, but even these crocodile tears are as fake as a three dollar bill. Let’s be honest: Wiesel, the Jewish victimhood salesperson, and Boteach, the rabid Zionist Rabbi, do not give a rat’s ass about dead Palestinian children. If they had, they would have called on Israel to stop its offensive or avoid dropping one-ton bombs or artillery shells in residential areas. They could even use their clout to go to Gaza or pick up the phone and speak with Hamas representatives to tell them about their great concern for Gaza children and the alleged child sacrifice. They could have called on Israel to lift the siege or end its 47 year occupation altogether. They could have called for citizenship and equal rights for Palestinians. But it would be naive to assume that these two scoundrels have good intentions. Their sole agenda in spreading the libel in Western media is to demonize and dehumanize Palestinians with the most racist and vile of accusations: that is, that Palestinians do not love their children and are purposely causing the death of their children in order to make Israel look bad. The ad takes the demonization of Palestinians a step further, evoking Biblical themes and comparing it with ritual child sacrifice. That’s how Satanic those Palestinians are, the Holocaust survivor tells us.

The irony of history that the preacher of Holocaust and Nobel Peace Prize laureate is now demonizing and spreading blood libels against the people, who like the Jews 73 years ago, are locked in a ghetto and slaughtered wholesale with modern warfare weaponry, has not evaded people’s eyes. More than anything, it gives us a glimpse into the extreme ethnocentric and insular world of Wiesel and Boteach in which such miscreant thoughts and racism sprout unchecked. This world is enabled by a paralyzed American society, ever fearing accusations of antisemitism, and which has put Jews on a pedestal as a class beyond reproach, let alone a Holocaust survivor. This is what enables Boteach to refer to the Presbyterian Church as “a rotting corpse”, knowing that he is immune to backlash or criticism. Neither Wiesel nor Boteach will be made to apologize and retract their racist blood libel ad. They will not be asked to resign their posts or made pariahs by media outlets. And this immunity awarded to American Jews translates directly into impunity for Israel.

That such deranged persons can view the wholesale slaughter of children as an act of child sacrifice by Hamas speaks volumes about their mental world in which a Jew is forever and ever a victim, even as he drops a smart one-ton bomb on a four story residential building, bombs UN shelters or razes an entire neighborhood in the Gaza ghetto, burying its occupants alive, killing hundreds of elderly men, women, children and babies.

For this affront to humanity, Elie Wiesel should be tarred and feathered and his crown of martyrdom taken away from him. He should be shamed twice: once for creating a modern day blood libel and a second time for using his Holocaust card to justify Israel’s atrocities and to shift the blame to the victim. This man should be rejected and denounced by every reasonable human being and exposed for the racist hypocrite garbage that he is.

With all that being said, it would be appropriate to end with a ray of hope and optimism – that Wiesel and Boteach do not represent American Jewry. Young American Jews, according to recent surveys, are drifting away and are no longer willing to toe the Zionist line. Israel’s brutality has alienated much of a younger generation, Jews and non-Jews alike. Killing children and babies is simply not cool, and no amount of propaganda can forever put lipstick on the murderous Zionist apartheid pig. And this is our great hope for a better future.

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel – ghettos are bad if Jews are locked inside them but are just fine if Jews lock others

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  1. Gareth permalink
    August 13, 2014 9:50 pm

    I have a feeling this is going to be exceedingly long, but I need to ventilate.

    I love this blog as painful as it is to read. So I have chosen to express myself here 🙂

    I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject and I agree that this often repeated sensationalist claim that “Hamas uses women & children as human shields” is absurd when taken at face value. Indeed, as you mention I have yet to find any proof of this claim.

    However, and again, I’m not an expert, but in my opinion Hamas clearly isn’t trying to kill Israeli citizens with their rockets. Like us they know that ‘Iron Dome’ stops over 90% of the rockets. Those that do make it through have had little or no impact. I’ll assume they know that too. It would be absurd to think they cling to the hope that ‘one’ rocket will eventually cause the sorts of damage compelling Israel to stop or some symbolic damage they can laud for their cause. It seems unlikely.

    By firing rockets I believe they want to symbolically show Gazans and Palestinians at large that they will not be ‘bullied’ (for want of a better word), will not succumb and are prepared to fight to the death. It is about showing their ‘strength of will’ against a far more powerful army, against occupation and with the subsequent impact on Palestinian and Israeli psyches.

    Does Hamas have their part of blame in civilian deaths? whilst it is clearly Israel that is doing the killing (and from the comfort of my living room) I believe they do. Following ‘cast lead’ it must have been clear that the disproportionate response was going to be catastrophic. After day 1 even more so. Yet they chose to continue firing ‘ineffective’ rockets, randomly no less.

    They know that Israel will retaliate, this is clear to everyone by now. The consequences of retaliation are clear to everyone now too. Unfortunately, to me it has also become clear that Hamas is leveraging the deaths of Palestinian civilians to strengthen their bargaining position and win public opinion as horrific as that sounds. Why else would they continue to fire rockets they know are ineffective and that Israel is using as the main pretext for bombing Gaza. I think deep down we all know this. A resistance force will invariably hide out amongst the population, in tiny Gaza even more so. Weapons stashed away in locations they hope Israel won’t find is reminiscent of the french resistance in WW2. In fact it would be nuts to imagine Hamas storing weapons in a military base and then stand on a hill-top away from the population and quietly wait for the F-16’s. It is enshrined in the Geneva convention that a population under occupation has a right defend itself, but is that what’s happening? Firing rockets off from this populated area when YOU KNOW Israel will respond killing innocent men, women and children? even during the resistance in France it is well documented that some villagers would simply not accept an impending “resistance” attack when they caught wind of it, knowing full well that the Nazis would round up the men of the village and execute a number of them. Was it the resistance that ended the war ? did they tie down important operational German forces? not really, no. It was the international powers that freed them in the end.

    This is an extraordinary assumption on my part, but let’s try and look at the resulting mayhem from Hamas’ perspective. Popular opinion has been vociferous in a way I have never seen before. The arguments and debates have spilled into our everyday lives in a way I have never seen before, once uninterested and uninformed parties have begun taking sides, mainstream media (not all of course) have begun sharing opinion pieces by the likes of Avi Shlaim contextualizing the “conflict”, and then of course the blogosphere, image sharing on Twitter, etc. So now there is talk that public opinion is radically shifting and “Israel is losing the PR war”.

    I understand how this can be perceived as a victory for the Palestinian cause, however the means to acquire this “shift” is a strategy so cynical that it’s almost asphyxiating and I simply cannot condone it or pretend it isn’t happening. It seems many have taken the disingenuous “human shields” too literally and avoided the very real “rational strategic firing of rockets, response and consequences”. Make no mistake, it isn’t just mindless madmen running around firing off rockets, and while pockets of young angry boys and various splinter groups are hard to control, Hamas can reign them in as it has shown very successfully in the past. Maybe I have completely misread the situation but this “martyr approach” for concessions on the blockade is just wrong.

    I’ll repeat that my opinion is devoid of any real understanding from a Palestinian’s perspective, but for those that will ask “so what do you suggest??” I will simply say I honestly don’t know, but THIS is not the way.

    I’ve clearly put too much fairy dust in my water and what I’m about to say is paramount to lunacy, and I’m speaking to Hamas here, But Maybe start by showing extraordinary goodwill by changing your charter. It was written in the 80’s during the Intifadas when tensions were sky high and is being used as an incredible weapon against Gazans today. It’s only words after all. Hamas has alluded to 10, 20 and even 30 year truces, they have recognized Israels “right to exist” wording it as “recognizing that they are there” (Saving face has lost any meaning now in my opinion), make the change to your charter! How symbolic would that be? It wouldn’t hurt to add a renouncement of violence which is another central obstacle (It’s not as if it’s doing any good is it?? on the contrary it only serves Israel’s aims, US and EU rhetoric).

    Then genuinely renounce violence, submit your weapons in good faith. If rockets are fired, find out who fired them and have them arrested for endangering the Gazan population and endangering your aspirations for statehood. Condemn in the strongest possible terms any and every attack on Israelis. Remove any and every claim Israel uses to avoid negotiations.

    I’ll throw this in too: Have police officers prevent children from throwing rocks or jumping on the fences, it accomplishes nothing, and remember this is where the majority of casualties occur in normal times, protect your children! stop counting on 20 year old IDF soldiers not to open fire because they invariably always do. Peaceful demonstrations that are systematically tear-gassed make it hard for anyone to keep calm, and yet you must.

    Set the example, open “reconciliation centers” to help Palestinians and Israelis come to terms with the nightmare and make it part of the school curriculum, strive in every possible way for peace and that includes condemning hate-speech, make it punishable by law to hold overtly Anti-semitic rallies. In fact in Europe I was shocked to see some of the placards that were being bandied about from the “peace lovers”. Allowing anti-semitism into your hearts will only devour you from the inside. Racism is a scourge of hatred.

    and THEN see how international pressure will have no choice but to insist Israel come to the table. This next bit is out on a limb, but given that Hamas is on US and EU terrorist watch lists, find out what acts of goodwill would be necessary to be removed from that list. Easier said than done I know, but stranger things have happened. The ANC went from terrorist group to a legitimate political force after the “truth & reconciliation”. Condemn past terrorist actions and suicide bombers and mean it. It is rightly condemnable when innocent men, women and children are the intended victims remember ? It doesn’t relegate the struggle to insignificance, on the contrary it is the struggle 2.0 which will probably be even harder.

    Saying that your absolute priority is towards peace and statehood for Palestinians is one thing, taking important and painful steps towards it is another. Invite international observers throughout a process of demilitarization, consider restitution to the families of Israelis that have been killed in terrorist attacks. The point I’m making is if all “ammunition” is taken away from Israel it will be much harder for them to justify their actions. The current strategy does NOT work! Force Hamas to foster the emergence of a new political party if need be. Someone needs to break the deadlock and Israel is being run by right wing extremists, or as an Australian friend of mine put it “Israel’s gone walkabout”, it won’t come from Israel those days are long gone. I know “What about them?!!” Israel has had so many opportunities to show us what a great nation they are, and sadly for them have failed over and over again taking us all for fools. Their actions have completely un-weaved the legitimacy of international law and the very institutions that were put in place to ensure that “never again”. The EU and the US have also been instrumental in that to my eternal shame.

    Ironically it is those that have the courage to speak out against occupation that are acting in Israel’s best interests. Could the same hold true for Palestinians’ best interests? Asking Palestinians to hold their heads down, make the concessions and continue to endure is so unfair I know but vying for public sympathy on the lives of men, women and children is not a solution as we have already seen in the past. Public opinion wanes back into insignificance and existing hatreds are systematically ingrained more and more and we repeat the process; Israeli public opinion is galvanized to support more settlements, the process repeats itself because it works and Palestinians lose more and more land. It is a strategic process aimed at colonization remember. Don’t think for a moment that you are not being “played”, as vulgar as that sounds. Time to stop playing by those rules. Whilst Abbas’ bending over to every Israeli demand has only sped up the colonization of the West Bank, it has also brought genuine political pressure on Israel to stop settlement building given Abbas’ ‘good faith’ simply because it has become harder for Western countries to justify tacit support. That Israel has chosen to speed things up only serves to demonstrate that they are panicking because the tide is coming, you can hear it in parliamentary debates at the EU parliament, the UK, France, Germany etc. The voices are getting louder. it’s a slow process but soon REAL political pressure will be brought to bear from it and the US will find it harder and harder to allow it to continue. Palestinians do what is required of them, Israel loses all leverage. It’s not great and its slow, but it’s something and its happening and we should encourage it. Sure the unilateral decision to be recognized by the UN did not come to pass, but shit!! that was a first!! UNESCO’s recognition of Palestinian sites was severely punished by Israel and the US, but again!! Shit!! What was that?? The powers that be are not ignorant to the plight of the Palestinians despite appearances. The resistance by “military” means and Israel’s response only enrages people possibly bringing new people into the fold, but that in itself does nothing. 1 million people marched against the Iraq war in London alone. Do they set the agenda? of course not, tragically. Violent Palestinian resistance methods have ultimately set them back in my opinion. The liberal voices in Israel are fading with every suicide bomb, murder and rocket that is fired.

    I will never truly understand what the continued occupation and colonialist expansion does to the psyche of a Palestinian, and I can only begin to imagine the frustrations and powerlessness they feel. Empathy goes both ways though. We often forget that the holocaust was only 70 years ago. It was the most horrific example of collective insanity I think the world has ever witnessed, but to me it happened forever ago and i can’t truly relate to it. To some of my Jewish friends, it’s not so “forever ago”, they have grandparents who were victims. That’s very very close in my opinion. The point I’m making is that this has a tremendous influence on the psyche of a person when they genuinely believe that every country in the neighborhood wants to exterminate them, especially when some of the rhetoric confirms it. Why Israel has moved dangerously towards extremism needs to be understood.

    Whilst the scope and scale is completely different and incomparable, Imagine yourself in Israel with your family when a siren goes off.. your kids are at school, your husband or wife is at work. There’s a 10% chance that a rocket will make it through ‘iron dome’. What do you think that does to your psyche? It happens 10 or 20 or 30 times without any consequences. Do you think the fear for your children’s lives is any less strong the 31st time? Public opinion needs to be changed in Israel too. It might seem like an over simplification and it is, but shouldn’t we also be demanding that Hamas take responsibility for the continued rocket fire that has in terms of “cause & effect” been central to civilian deaths in Gaza?

    To those Jewish amongst us that hate the Palestinians and Arabs and muslims at large, I know how taboo it is to equate the holocaust with the plight of the Palestinians, but even for me the parallels are worrying, and by this I don’t mean extermination camps, but the racist mentality that preceded it and the subsequent Ghettos. I am adding a link to an essay from Harvard University professor Sara Roy which was written 10 years ago I think. It just might bring a few of you back to earth, because peace is a two way street and you have your part to play if you truly care about Israels soul. This Eretz Israel crap will never happen without outright genocide, surely you know that’s wrong, right? .


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