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Israel – The Last of the Settler Colonies

April 20, 2016

This is an extremely well written and well articulated analysis and should be read by everyone who wishes to understand the ongoing, 100 year old colonial conflict in Israel/Palestine.

The 'Civilising' Mission

Rewind the clock more or less than a century and you will find a world teeming with settler colonies engaged in battle with ‘unruly natives.’ Today only one remains; Israel is the last of a dying breed, the last of the settler colonies.

American Progress by John Gast (1872) “American Progress” by John Gast (1872)

The conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is often described as unique – as a conflict with no historical precedent. But viewed through the eyes of an imperial historian it is on the contrary reassuringly, or rather, depressingly familiar. In a largely post-colonial world, colonial conflicts are certainly harder to spot. But there are also less savoury grounds for not recognising the events of today’s Middle East as analogous with those who took place in America, Africa and Australia in the age of imperialism: simply because the treatment of the indigenous peoples of these continents have been universally brandished as immoral…

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