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One out of three thousand, six hundreds and ninety two

June 1, 2012

Percentage asylum requests granted to Eritreans in 2010, by country

The US State Department recently released a report in which it highlights the stunning fact that its “shared values special friend” and little protectorate is possibly the world’s leading anti-refugee state. The report notes that out of 3,692 reviewed requests for asylum in 2011, most of them by refugees from war-torn countries, Israel approved one (for the mathematically oriented that would be 0.03%).

Such anti-refugee bias would not be so attention worthy if it wasn’t for the habit of Jewish organizations, to this day, to point the finger at the West and blame them for having closed their borders to Jewish refugees during WWII (partially true but ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union throughout the war was open to Jewish refugees, who just preferred America). And of course, a few hundred or even a few thousand refugees cannot even change the aryan Jewish character of Israel as they represent less than one tenth of one percent. But such extreme xenophobia is almost natural in a state where every non-Jew is viewed as a “demographic threat” and all government policies are meant to maintain the Jewish majority (which was illegitimately obtained through expulsion of non-Jews). Of course it also helps that the refugees are black – the unspoken reason for categorically rejecting the asylum requests.

I guess relative to the man who suggests shooting gentiles (something Israel has experience in as thousands of unarmed Palestinians were shot to death by the IDF in the early years for trying to return to their homes and villages, which the Zionists confiscated or destroyed), Netanyahu’s plan for a concentration camp seems humane… Now where did this man in the video get the idea that the United States shoots Mexican illegal immigrants? The answer is quite simple and it’s called projection: they are projecting their own fascism and extreme ethnocentrism and xenophobia onto the rest of the world. The Zionist Jews have convinced themselves that they are a Western Democracy, therefore they believe that their attitudes to dealing with the Others (brutal oppression and military violence) are shared throughout the world.


Quneitra My Dear

May 28, 2012

Watch this beautiful haunting video

The town of Quneitra, once a bustling town of 37,000 in the Hadbatu ElJawlan (Golan Heights) lays in ruins, almost 40 years after the new Barbarians of the Middle East were forced out by a UN brokered armistice. In the short month of June 1974, this pastoral town standing since Byzantine times was ransacked and systematically dynamited by Israeli forces. A history spanning well over a millenium came to an abrupt end.

Few Israelis under the age of 60 have heard about the city of Quneitra and the story behind it. Even fewer outside the Middle East have heard this name. It makes sense: not many people have died in Quneitra and no great battles were fought on its premises, which makes it an obscure footnote in the annals of the Zionist-Arab conflict. Obscure that is, if you’re not one of the 37,000 denizens of Quneitra, who forever lost their homes and native land.

The town which was first conquered by Israel in the 1967 six day war (and subsequently colonized with an adjoining Jewish settlement – the M.O. of the Jewish Lebensraum expansion project), was evacuated of its Syrian residents, becoming a ghost town under Israel’s rule. Over 100,000 Palestinians and Syrians were ethnically cleansed in the Golan Heights alone during that short war and dozens of Syrian villages were subsequently razed to the ground by the Israeli army. Quneitra was held by Israel until the 1973 war during which it was briefly recaptured by Syrian forces, only to be taken back by Israeli forces. In 1974 under a UN brokered armistice agreement, Israel was to relinquish control of Quneitra.

Quneitra had survived the Romans, the Arab caliphate, the Seljuks, the Mongols, the Crusaders, the Ottomans and the British Empire, among others. But nothing could have prepared it to the viciousness of the Zionist invader, that which views the people of the Middle East as no more than weeds that need to be removed and its towns and villages as no more than ant colonies. The Zionist project of erasure stretches as far as the Israeli war machine can take it.

In the long list of Israeli war crimes and violations, Quneitra stands unique. It would take a great historian to find a rational explanation for the systematic destruction of Quneitra by retreating Israeli forces. The most often cited explanation is that Israel simply repeated the Nakba war crime of 1947-1949 when it razed to the ground over 400 villages and towns to prevent their residents from returning to their homes. But such an explanation falls short since Israel was evacuating Quneitra and relinquishing it back to Syrian control. Others claim it was a revenge for the Arab affront to Jewish supremacy during the early days of the 1973 war – a war in which Egypt and Syria aimed to reclaim their territory which had been taken by Israel in 1967. But that too fails to explain what sort of revenge should be meted out on an empty pastoral town standing since ancient times. A psychologist would perhaps be better suited to explain this recurring theme of aggression against property and infrastructure, a common practice of Israeli warfare, most recently employed in their second Lebanon war and the Gaza assault.

It was in Quneitra that the Syrians realized that the Zionist invader was unlike any other before him. Yes, they had known about the Nakba, about the massacres, the rape of women by Jewish forces, the execution of POW’s, the cold blooded mass murder of unarmed refugees and peasants, the wholesale destruction of villages and confiscation of property. But the destruction of Quneitra by retreating Israeli forces could not have served any other purpose but a display of sheer malice, a venting of collective bile and hatred. To the new Barbarians, the history of Palestine or the Middle East means nothing as the Zionist narrative is frozen in time like a clock on a sunken ship, some time about 2500 years ago. They were brought up on a mythological tale of a glorious Jewish kingdom and were made to believe that they are the returning rightful owners of the land and all other dwellers are “squatters” who deny them their rightful claim to the entire land.

The Zionists concocted for themselves a narrative of eternal persecution and sufferings and are now ready to dish out revenge on whoever and whatever stands in their way. This perception is augmented by a distorted historical narrative of Palestine which is further reinforced through heavy indoctrination with a made-up national mythology. This is perhaps the most logical psychological explanation for this psychopathic behavior. It is collective deep seated hatred directed at those who in their mind are Hitler’s successors and stand in their way of realizing their God given right to ethnically cleanse the entirety of Palestine and beyond.

Shared Values With Whom?

May 24, 2012,7340,L-4233509,00.html

More proof today was provided of the shared values between Israel and the United States Nazi Germany when Jews carried out a mini-pogrom against African illegal immigrants and refugees, whom Likud ruling party Member of Knesset Miri Regev described at a Tel Aviv rally as a “cancer in our society”, borrowing slogans straight from the Nazi Imagery For Jews handbook and its Der Sturmer propaganda organ. The mini-pogrom resulted only in some mild beatings of random black people and a few broken windows but not to worry, pogrom organizers promised better results next time. Coincidentally, the pogrom took place only a day after CBS aired a 60 Minutes segment in which a purblind Bob Simon exalted Tel Aviv as a vibrant paradise of tolerance and pluralism and even closed the segment with the observation that “everyone here seems to get along”…

Such incitements are quite common among Jewish politicians (let alone common folk), including Israel P.M. Netanyahu who recently warned the nation of the imminent great danger of being “flooded with 600,000 Sudanese”. The recent spate of xenophobia prompted the government to construct a holding pen for illegal immigrants, the second largest in the world (second only to Gaza Concentration Camp, another Zionist ideology by-product) with a 3 year sentence meted out to refugees and illegal immigrants, considered the harshest such law in the world.

The “infiltrators”, some illegal immigrant job seekers and some refugees from political instability in Sudan, have been a source of great concern in the Jewish State for threatening the Aryan Jewish character of the state. But the paranoia is quite inexplicable given that Israeli immigration laws, designed to preserve Jewish majority (which was created through the forceful expulsion of non-Jews, the event known as the Nakba) do not allow a path to citizenship or legal status to non-Jews and even to their children who are born in Israel. If it wasn’t for Israeli employers’ appetite for cheap unregulated labor, the alien goyim would have been schlepped across the border long ago.

Racism, xenophobia and goy hatred are par for the course in a state where children are taught in schools that the state belongs to Jews only and every goy is eyed suspiciously as a “demographic threat”, so these incidents should not come as a surprise. Indeed, there will be some public outcry led by a few liberal Israelis, alarmed by the historical irony of the Jewish State materializing into their worst nightmares and morphing into its progenitor and ideological counterpart from 1930’s Europe. But there will never be any public outcry and debate about Israel’s real refugees, those who were created by Jewish storm troopers, commanded by ethnic cleanser Ben Gurion, whose picture adorns every Jewish school classroom. Those are kept out since virtually 100% of Israeli Jews accept the concept of the “Jewish State”, which is exactly the source of Israel’s problems. This is why the whole issue of Israel immigration problems is moot when the real legal inhabitants, the natives of Palestine for countless generations, are languishing in refugee camps, prevented from returning to the lands and homes by the same racist laws which were enacted to maintain the illegally obtained Jewish majority in the event known as the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Nakba Remembrance Day

May 15, 2012

The key has become a symbol of the Palestinian struggle for the Right of Return – a universal right granted by the Fourth Geneva Convention – in violation by the Jewish State for 64 years.

Today, May 15 is the Palestinian Nakba Remembrance Day. It commemorates the massacring, uprooting, expulsion and plunder of the native Palestinians in a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing orchestrated by war criminal David Ben Gurion and his Zionist gang against a defenseless civilian population. This massive act of terror carried out by Zionist immigrants resulted in the expulsion of 80% of Palestine’s native population, whose villages were subsequently razed to the ground and their property and lands confiscated by the illegitimate state of Israel. They have lived as destitute, stateless refugees ever since in refugee camps scattered in and around Palestine.

The ethnic cleansing by Jewish forces has also demonstrated to the people of the Middle East that the Zionist colonial invader from Europe is unlike any other before him – he does not abide by the laws of warfare or the common brotherhood of mankind. He targets the entire Palestinian people, not an army or armed forces. Unlike the countless empires and conquerors who extended their rule over Palestine over the ages, the Zionist aims to clear the land for a Jewish Lebensraum. He views the natives of the land as no more than weeds that need to be eradicated in his quest to erase the people and the history of Palestine. He rapes, massacres, razes villages and towns to the ground, confiscates and plunders property and covers his murderous track by planting forests over his victim’s remains. Then he continues his coverup by falsifying history, lying, distorting and omitting facts, subverting the truth and creating a fantasy alibi tale which he narrates to the world using his connections and influence in the West.

The Nakba is not just history, it is a living breathing thing, the heart of the Palestinian struggle and the root of the conflict. There will not be peace without an acknowledgement, compensation and / or the right of return. Moreover, the Zionists have not changed their ways one iota. The new Barbarians of the Middle East still plunder, confiscate, imprison, deport and kill under various pretexts. They deny the Palestinian Nakba and continue to this day to dispossess and oppress the remaining Palestinians, hoping to implement a Final Solution under the fog of war, like their European mentors.

Let it also be a reminder of Western colonial mores and their world order, that which sends people to jail for the thought crime of Holocaust denial, yet unequivocally supports and arms the perpetrators of the Palestinian Holocaust who never admitted their responsibility, have not paid a dime in reparations and have made Nakba denial an official policy.

The Moral Barbarian

May 13, 2012

One of the most important and least discussed reasons for Israel’s eternal state of war is the Israeli dogmatic belief in moral superiority. Like all colonialists before them, the Jews in Israel view themselves not only technologically and culturally superior to the rest of the Middle East but also morally superior, the necessary ingredient for being able to commit continued atrocities without any compunction of wrongdoing.

Israeli society is surprisingly open to self-introspection and self-critique, granted that you uphold the dogma of Jewish moral superiority and Arab moral inferiority, as befits their colonial designation as “savages”. The Israeli ability to view their massive crimes through a magic lens that distorts reality to affirm their steadfast belief in moral superiority (despite all evidence to the contrary) is a sign of a society in denial, suffering from collective delusions and psychopathic tendencies. Only a country whose military is engaged in a 64 year campaign of ethnic cleansing and brutalization of a defenseless civilian population can refer to their military as “the most moral army in the world” with a straight face.

Take for example the recent incident which was caught on tape in which an Israeli military officer slammed his rifle in the face of a Danish human rights activist. The clip was aired dozens of times in Israel and elicited the expected reaction from the left (deplorable, plus an opportunity to bash the religious nationalist right), from the right (supporting the officer and used as an opportunity to evoke hatred of “leftists”) and from the center (indifferent). Due to international condemnation, the IDF’s Chief of Staff had no choice but to remove the general from his post until the storm blows over (rest assured he will be restored quietly and even promoted for the mental anguished he has suffered). From left to right to center, the Israeli public was once again assured in their moral superiority over the lowly Arabs and beyond. True, this was a relatively minor incident which unfortunately for the IDF was caught on tape and was dealt with properly (at least outwardly). The press hullabaloo was beyond proportion, it turned it into a diplomatic incident, and even the meek Danish government demanded official explanation. Hundreds of blogs hummed, thousands of online surfer reacted, and the little molehill produced a mountain.

But here we see a classic example of the workings of the bullet-proof Israeli system of self deception by putting lipstick on the Apartheid pig. And since they have put so much lipstick for so long, they no longer see a pig in the mirror but a beautiful damsel. What was left out of all the hundreds of debates and news articles surrounding the incident is what the activists were protesting in the first place and how the incident came about. All the Israelis vaguely heard from their press about the incident’s background was a demonstration by “anarchists and Palestinian supporters”. The “Palestinian supporter” designation in the Israeli press already guarantees the perception of loonies and antisemites in the collective Jewish mind. After all, how can anyone support them, the violent savages, and not us, the enlightened morally superior beings?

Most Israelis have no idea that the human rights activists’ only crime was they dared to ride their bicycles on a Jew-only, sorry, “Israeli only” road, part of Israel’s system of Apartheid which restricts Palestinians to an archipelago of enclaves surrounded by walls and fences and divided by checkpoints. The activists did not hold a demonstration, nor did they engage in active protest. Just like in the Bear and the Bees, since this fact was omitted from the entire Israeli press coverage, it was easy for Israelis to reaffirm their self-reaffirming delusion. They will never have to ask themselves how can “the most moral enlightened country in the world” have a system of roads for Jews only that Palestinians may not even ride bicycles on. And this is of course just the tip of the iceberg and an almost innocuous part of Israel’s Apartheid oppression.

However, have no fear, even if this system of road Apartheid had been discussed, rest assured that Israelis, left right and center would conclude that they are morally superior. Why? Because Assad is “butchering” Syrians. If Assad hadn’t “butchered” Syrians, they would point to Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women or the drug war in Mexico.

The Syrian civil war is portrayed in Israeli media as a living proof of Jewish moral superiority and Arab barbarity. Yair Lapid, a former TV personality who is making a splash in the cesspool of Israeli politics, has finally revealed his formerly unknown political positions by asserting that “the world’s indifference to Syria brutality reminds us that we shouldn’t trust it to save us”. Others concluded, you guessed it, that it retroactively justifies holding on to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, a territory conquered in 1967, ethnically cleansed and colonized by Jewish settlements (this moral thief will always look for excuses to justify his theft).

But let’s examine the facts about Syria and see if the myth of Israeli moral superiority holds up under scrutiny. Separating between propaganda and fact is a fairly simple task. All you need to do is ignore opinion, preconceptions and emotional attachments and simply look at the facts in an objective manner. So while the Assad regime does meet the standard profile of a totalitarian regime, i.e. lack of freedom of press / expression, a single ruling party and lack of meaningful opposition, the Assad regime does not engage in the Crimes Against Humanity of ethnic cleansing and Apartheid such as does with great fervor the so-called democracy of its neighboring state. Moreover, Assad did not occupy Israeli territory, ethnically cleansed and settled it with Alawites. Even the new Hitler Assad (if we are to believe our Western Press) does not confiscate property and lands from other ethnic groups and allocates them to his cronies. Nor does Assad persecute and holds millions of people under his rule without citizenship in ghettos behind walls, barbed wire and remote controlled machine guns for the “security” of his ethno-religious group. That is something that the morally superior state of Israel does. I think that should be enough to establish who is the greater evil in the Middle East, but just in case, here is a shortened list of actions taken by the “only democracy in the Middle East” and the “most moral army in the world” (a complete list with details would require several bookshelves):

1. Ethnic cleansing, multiple times and ongoing (a Crime Against Humanity).
2. Apartheid, ongoing (a Crime Against Humanity).
3. Extra-judicial executions (regular practice).
4. Assassinations of civilians (most recently Iranian scientists).
5. Kidnappings of civilians outside its territory (the list is too long).
6. Demolition of houses as collective punitive measure (holding exclusive right to this barbaric practice).
7. Occupation of Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese land (now Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese).
8. Colonization of occupied territories.
9. Deportations from occupied territories.
10. Summary execution of POW’s (war crime).
11. Five invasions of Lebanon (invaded all its neighbors at one point).
12. Mass torture of prisoners.
13. Unlimited term administrative detentions of political prisoners.
14. Use of white phosphorus on civilian population (war crime).
15. Ghettoization of millions of people behind walls and fences.
16. Systematic and deliberate destruction of villages and towns in occupied territories (war crime).
17. Confiscation of property and lands from non-Jews and their transfer to Jewish hands.
18. Deliberate murder of unarmed civilian protestors (most recently in occupied Golan Heights).
19. Mass murder of unarmed refugees (war crime).

The full list is too long. Assad would have to live about 10 more lives in order to reach this level of barbarity achieved by Israel during its short 64 years of existence.

But while we are engaging in this comparison between apples and oranges (this is simply because Israel’s apologists latest line of defense is to point their finger at Syria) let’s also try to examine why Israel’s Apartheid seems to attract more attention from human rights activists than Syria’s regime (Israel apologists conveniently ignore the fact that Syria is under international sanctions as the US never hesitates to impose sanctions on Israel’s enemies. You can also witness the media assault on the Syrian regime with Assad being portrayed as no less than a new Hitler, compared to the kid glove treatment of Israel’s Apartheid regime in the Western Press). Wasn’t it the preachers of the Holocaust who told us that persecuting people for their religious or ethnicity what constitutes the ultimate evil? Wouldn’t Hitler be just another dictator who lost a war if he hadn’t targeted Jews? And isn’t the oppression and persecution of Palestinians only for their religion, i.e. for not belonging in the Jewish ethno-religious group? After all, does anyone doubt that had the Palestinians been Jewish they would have been incorporated into Israel and granted equal rights long time ago? What is the difference between Palestinian Arabs and Jewish Arabs who constitute over half of Israel’s population if not their religion? The comparison to Nazi Germany pre-WWII is called for if anything because the Holocaust and Israel are forever linked together. Whereas in Nazi Germany the native Aryans persecuted and oppressed Jews who were mostly recent immigrants from Eastern Europe, in Israel it is the Jewish immigrants who are persecuting the non-Jewish population of the natives of Palestine. Whereas Nazi Germany was more crude in its methods, the goals of creating an ethno-religious state for one group of people on the expense of the other are the same. Wouldn’t Israeli policies towards Palestinians be rightfully considered Nazi if they were implemented anywhere in the world against Jews?

The Jewish State has already by far surpassed the evils of Apartheid S. Africa and other colonial states. The only remaining goal post that it has yet meet is the Nazi regime of the Third Reich (Israelis typically use the yardstick of the Holocaust to justify their behavior, therefore always find themselves civilized).
The images of Palestinians resorting to digging tunnels like animals to smuggle food and basic necessities to besieged Gaza Ghetto is a pretty good indication where Israel draws its inspiration and should ring the alarm bells throughout the world. And this is happening not under the fog of war but rather in plain view under the clear blue skies (and as a side note, instead of denouncing the Judeo-Nazionalist regime in Palestine, America and its cronies, these erstwhile colonial powers, in a magnificent display of colonial mores, have imposed sanctions on the victims instead!).

So let us demolish the myth of Israeli moral superiority once and for all. Israel’s conduct and barbarity is by far worse than any of its neighboring states, the “tough neighborhood” that Israeli leaders complain about (as a side note, if it’s such a tough neighborhood, why not consider packing up and moving back to the peaceful, civilized European neighborhood? It’s not that the Arabs invited European Jews to colonize them after all. Just food for thought…). Israel’s racism and discrimination is institutional and part of the essence of the Jewish State. Israel’s persecution of Palestinians is an integral part of its Apartheid structure. Israel’s ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing is meant to dispossess gentiles in order to create a Jewish Lebensraum. Israel is a serial violator of all international treaties and conventions. Israel is occupying and colonizing its neighbors lands. Israel is engaged in systematic oppression of Palestinians, voiding them of development, hope and future. Israel is the only country in the world which is confining its “demographic problem” into segregated areas surrounded by walls and machine guns. Israel is the only country in the world where non-Jews have no property rights or any other basic rights such as a right to a fair trial. Compared to Israel, Syria now seems to be a fairly benign dictatorship.

Let us also remind Israelis that they are benefiting from a glaring double standard imposed by the colonially-minded West, which doesn’t hesitate to impose sanctions and invade any of its neighbors in a heartbeat, yet at the same time ignores every one of Israel’s multitude of crimes and violations of international law and conventions. If America was as quick to impose sanctions on Israel as it did on Syria, we probably wouldn’t need international activists and flotillas. When the US invaded Iraq under the pretext of Iraq holding a few jars of mustard gas, perhaps it was time to remind the world where the real WMD’s of the Middle East are? This incredible hypocrisy and unwavering support in the West for something which is at its basis unjust and evil is what makes every conscientious person in the world cry out in anger. If you still fail to see this monumental injustice and travesty, you probably never will.

Matzpen Revisited

April 4, 2012

The Zionist state was born in the violent expropriation and expulsion from their country of the Palestinian Arabs, and that process continues today. In open alliance with Western, especially United States, imperialism, and in scarcely hidden collusion with the most reactionary forces in the Arab world, the Zionist state actively sets itself against every step, no matter how faltering, taken by the Arab masses to alleviate the centuries’ old misery imposed on them by colonialism and imperialism.

Within the territories occupied since 1967, the Zionist state employs a system of direct military repression to expel Palestinian Arabs from their lands and secure Jewish colonization of them, and to crush every expression of Palestinian resistance. Within its own borders, the Zionist state engages in systematic national oppression of its minority of Arab citizens. The dark-skinned majority of the privileged Jewish community itself increasingly feels the sting of racist discrimination, as economic inequality increases and social conditions deteriorate.

Far from offering a haven to the persecuted Jews of the world, the Zionist state is leading new immigrants and old settlers alike toward a new holocaust by mobilizing them in a colonial enterprise and a counterrevolutionary army against the struggle of the Arab masses for national liberation and social emancipation – a struggle that is not only just but will eventually be victorious. This state of affairs is, moreover, in no sense accidental. It was the inevitable outcome of the success of the Zionist project to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. And to change this reality requires not merely a change of government or a modification of one or another specific policy, but a revolutionary transformation of the very foundations of Israeli society

These wise, sobering words were written 40 years ago by the founders of Matzpen (“compass”), a small Israeli anti-zionist organization. Even back then, this clarion observation was not new. Long before them, Hannah Arendt and a number of other observers predicted the exact same outcome of the quest to establish a Jewish state on a land populated by non-Jews through an alliance with colonial powers and the use of force and expulsion.

A lot of blood flowed under the bridge since those words were written. Amazingly, despite Israel’s consolidation of power in the Middle East, America’s unprecedented and unconditional support, the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan and the transformation of the Palestinian struggle into a Bantustan solution, Israel still finds itself in the same precarious position as it was 63 years ago, rejected by the entire people of the Middle East, from Tunisia to Turkey to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

In light of the events of the “Arab spring”, the ongoing colonization of the West Bank and Israel’s mad drive to destroy Iran in collusion with its imperial proxies, it is perhaps worth revisiting what the wise men of Matzpen so eloquently expressed 40 years ago. It may be time for a candid discussion about the very nature of Israel’s political structure and to consider what it would take to bring about the much needed revolutionary transformation. That is if indeed the people of Israel wish to become friends to their neighbors rather than be servants of imperial interests, in direct opposition to the very basic interests and legitimate wishes of the people of the Middle East.

Rachel Corrie

March 31, 2012

I have been in Palestine for two weeks and one hour now, and I still have very few words to describe what I see. It is most difficult for me to think about what’s going on here when I sit down to write back to the United States. Something about the virtual portal into luxury. I don’t know if many of the children here have ever existed without tank-shell holes in their walls and the towers of an occupying army surveying them constantly from the near horizons. I think, although I’m not entirely sure, that even the smallest of these children understand that life is not like this everywhere. An eight-year-old was shot and killed by an Israeli tank two days before I got here, and many of the children murmur his name to me – Ali – or point at the posters of him on the walls.

No amount of reading, attendance at conferences, documentary viewing and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality of the situation here. You just can’t imagine it unless you see it – and even then you are always well aware that your experience of it is not at all the reality: what with the difficulties the Israeli army would face if they shot an unarmed US citizen, and with the fact that I have money to buy water when the army destroys wells, and the fact, of course, that I have the option of leaving. Nobody in my family has been shot, driving in their car, by a rocket launcher from a tower at the end of a major street in my hometown. I have a home. I am allowed to go see the ocean. Ostensibly it is still quite difficult for me to be held for months or years on end without a trial (this because I am a white US citizen, as opposed to so many others). When I leave for school or work I can be relatively certain that there will not be a heavily armed soldier waiting halfway between Mud Bay and downtown Olympia at a checkpoint with the power to decide whether I can go about my business, and whether I can get home again when I’m done. So, if I feel outrage at arriving and entering briefly and incompletely into the world in which these children exist, I wonder conversely about how it would be for them to arrive in my world.

— Rachel Corrie

IDF D9’s devouring the ancient landscape of Palestine and demolishing Palestinian homes to make room for the Jewish Lebensraum.

Rachel Corrie is the stuff legends are made of. This frail 23 year old from Olympia, Washington was crushed to death 9 years ago by a 20 ton steel monster. The monster, a fortified Caterpillar D9, is the IDF’s favorite mechanical beast used to demolish Palestinian homes and denude the landscape of Palestine as part of the Jewish Lebensraum project. They are supplanted by concrete blocks of Jewish settlements designed by the interior ministry’s grey suited clerks in charge of “judaization”. These mechanical beasts, the very symbol of Zionism and its relentless drive to erase the history and the people of Palestine, are the same ones that have been used since Israel’s creation to uproot centuries-old olive groves and to raze to the ground hundreds of scenic villages, turning their inhabitants into stateless refugees. It is not surprising that Israel’s greatest Palestinian killer, Ariel Sharon, was amicably nicknamed “The Bulldozer” by his fans. The Zionist project of erasure and its group of unscrupulous leaders have turned a pastoral Palestine into a giant ghetto surrounded and divided by walls and barbed wire, a reflection of the post WWII Jewish psyche and end product of Zionism’s ideals of separation between Jew and non-Jew.

Feeble hearted justice warriors seek out easier opponents. You can join the fight to save the rain forest and nobody will persecute and slander you. You can fight against Japanese whaling and your local Rep will have your back. You can fight against corporate corruption, Wall Street or Halliburton and you will have front page headlines exalting your deeds. You will not risk as much as a scratch on your finger. If you are looking for a safe battle, you can join any of these good intentioned people. It will not cost you a thing and at the end of the day you will go back safely to your home and to your job and you will feel great about your contribution to humanity.

Rachel Corrie however was made of different stuff altogether. She saw evil – a great big evil – and stared it in the eyes. She did not turn her head in the other direction as most people would do. The fact that her country supported this evil made her even more resolved to confront it. A meeker man would have just pretended that he didn’t see or dismissed it as the way nature goes, the strong devours the weak, the world is lawless and justice is just a fantasy. Let the lion eat the lamb, that’s how nature goes. Why get in the way and risk injury? But Rachel Corrie saw humans, not lions and lambs. Oppressor and oppressed. A struggle of a defenseless indigenous population against colonial oppression and dispossession, backed and supported by the world’s only superpower. Perhaps the most desperate odds of any struggle for justice in modern times and against the most powerful forces in world politics where the sadistic oppressor waves the eternal victim card and sees himself as unbound by the laws of humanity.

So what is a 23 year old girl from Olympia, Washington to do? Her father is not a Senator or a billionaire, she does not command an army, she has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Her own country and Congressmen are enthusiastic supporters of Israeli oppression and send their congratulations each time the Israeli bulldozers wipe another Palestinian neighborhood. All they see is campaign donation checks. Like trained lab rats, they know which lever to pull to make the cash pour in.

Fast forward a few months later and here we are at high noon, in a drama of Zionist production. The location: Gaza, 10,000 miles away from Rachel’s home. An impoverished strip of land, a cage for humans of Zionist creation, crowded by a million and a half people, half of which are refugees whose original homes and lands are in what is now Israel. These downtrodden people living in an open air prison, colonized by Jewish settlers and terrorized by the Israeli military, are the target of the insatiable Zionist drive for more land. The Israeli military commander has issued an order to demolish a row of houses for “security purposes”. The 20 ton grey armored beast, courtesy of American taxpayers, is driven by a recent Russian immigrant. Dozens of innocent families are to become homeless and join the millions of other homeless, stateless and destitute victims of Zionism. Between them stands the frail 23 year old from Washington, using the only weapon at her disposal: her body.

There are other actors in this high drama, but they are invisible. The Washington Senator, fast asleep in his bed with his lovely wife in his million dollar mansion. His job is to support the Israeli bulldozers and to repeat the Israeli official version verbatim; The Israeli General who gave the order, a rugged man in uniform who views the world through the barrel of a gun and for whom the faceless Palestinian families are the enemy, just an obstacle to be removed; And the ghost of Zionism and its invented mythology, that which views European immigrants as having exclusive rights to the land and the native inhabitants as hostile intruders who must be destroyed.

The Russian immigrant bulldozer driver, embodying the banality of evil, is just doing his job, probably eager to get back home to his family after the work is completed. Rachel Corrie is just a nuisance that stands in the way of his fulfillment of his loyalty test to his new country by crushing the houses of its native inhabitants, a sort of a macabre initiation ritual. Israel usually prefers to send new immigrants and the lowest classes of its society to “deal with Palestinians” as it knows they will be eager to assert their superiority over the untermensch and to prove their loyalty and curry favor with their benefactors, perhaps earning a chance to propel themselves into a higher sphere in the Israeli caste system, which they rarely do. They are the end product of Zionism and one of its perverse manifestations where a person can immigrate to Israel one day and the next day participate in oppressing the natives of the land, or as in the case of Moldovan immigrant Evet Lieberman, who leads a political party that calls for the expulsion of the people who have lived on the land for countless generations.

The end of this drama is known: Rachel is crushed under the tracks of the 20 ton machine, the houses get demolished and more Palestinians families, already living in abject conditions as a result of Israel’s decades long oppression, become homeless and destitute. The murderer and his commanding officer are never brought to trial, the investigation is whitewashed, Rachel’s representatives in Congress do their utmost to support the murderers (if they ever hear about her) and their campaign coffers fill up for the next elections where they will campaign as “lovers of Israel” to the tune of the great trumpeters of US media.

Rachel will never be forgotten – she is now part of humanity’s heritage of man’s eternal struggle against oppression. This courageous young maiden who gave her life to protect the people her own country was helping persecute, is what legends are made of, a symbol of personal sacrifice in a battle she could have avoided, like most people would do. She could have joined the battle to save the rain forests and the environment. She could have been living her comfortable middle class American life now just like her peers. She could have been a wife and a mother raising children. She could have turned her head and pretended that she just didn’t see. But Rachel was not you and me.

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