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If The United States Had Shared Values With Israel

October 23, 2011

Not a single day passes when we are not reminded by a distinguished American politician of the “shared values” between the United States and Israel and thus the “unshakable bond” between the two countries. Israel keeps reminding us that it is the “only democracy in the Middle East”, yet insists on defining itself as a Jewish State – a state belonging exclusively to world Jewry.

If this were true, let us then try to imagine what a United States cast into the Zionist mold would look like. Keep in mind, this is not a sci-fi dystopia or the ravings of a white supremacist. This is reality and the current state of affairs in the Jewish State:

1. The United States would declare itself to be a White Christian Protestant State and homeland of White Christian Protestants (WCP). All citizens would be required to register with the State and would be classified as WCP or Others.

2. The US national anthem would be changed to reflect its new character:

As long as in the heart within
A Christian Soul still yearns
And onwards, towards the ends of the West
Jesus our lord, Jesus our Savior
America, home of the White Christians.

3. The United States government would announce plans to Christianize Brooklyn, would confiscate property and land from Jews and allocate it to build WCP-only settlements.

4. Both houses of Congress would be holding periodical debates on “who is a White Christian Protestant”, as those definitions are critical for maintaining the White Christian Protestant character of the state and preventing a takeover by non-WCP’s. Under the current consensus and law, a person would need to show proof of having a certain threshold percentage of WCP blood in order to be recognized as such.

5. Civilian marriages would be canceled. All marriages would be held by religious authorities. Christian Reverends and Ministers would be banned from marrying White Christian Protestants and non-WCP in holy matrimony.

6. The WCP President of the United States would claim to be representing all White Christian Protestants around the globe and openly refer to the non-WCP minority in the United States as a “demographic threat”.

7. WCP towns would be allowed to have an admissions committee that filters potential residents based on their meeting the standards of being WCP.

8. Due to the high birth rate among minority communities, the President of the United States would announce a plan for a “two states solution” where blacks, hispanics, Jews, people of color, native Americans and other non-WCP’s would be declared citizens of a new state with its capital in the South Bronx and divided into 500 enclaves surrounded by barbed wire and walls for the security of White Christian Protestants.

9. The public education system would be divided between WCP schools for WCP’s and non-WCP’s schools for others and integration policies will be canceled since they are deemed to promote inter-marriages and assimilation of WCP’s. Christian faith and white history classes would be mandatory in all public schools.

10. The US Government would build WCP-only settlement blocks in Mexico and populate them with extreme white supremacists who claim that God gave them the land of Mexico.

11. US immigration laws would be re-written to allow the immigration of White Christian Protestants only. Any person who can prove to be white Christian and Protestant would gain automatic US citizenship. In case of doubts, the applicant would have to produce documents proving of being at least one quarter WCP. Religious authorities would be assigned to filter those who do not fit the criteria. All others immigrants would not be able to gain US citizenship under US law, regardless.

12. Under a new law, a black woman from Africa who marries a black American man cannot move to the US and cannot gain US citizenship or a permanent residence permit. Both will have no choice but to move to Africa.

13. All US land would be appropriated to the State, which in turn would appropriate it to a White Christian Land Fund, which in turn would lease all land to White Christian Protestants only, thus maintaining White Christian control of lands.

14. The United States would have a foreign born Secretary of State whose political platform is the expulsion of Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and native Americans.

15. White Christians would be taught in schools about their right to the land in a series of indoctrinations from a tender age that will teach them white heritage and white pride. All past achievements by White Christians will be celebrated and become a source of national pride.

16. American history books would be re-written, explaining the creation of a White Christian State as a result of  native American violence and intransigence and that White Christians were blameless victims of native American violence and savagery. All violence would be blamed squarely on them.

17. Native Americans and Hispanics would be loaded on trucks and boats and dumped in Cuba and Mexico. To prevent them from trying to come back to their homes and thus threatening the WCP character of the state, all 20,000 miles of American border would be fenced and patrolled by troops who would shoot on the spot any refugees trying to cross the border.

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  1. hayatli7 permalink
    May 7, 2012 11:54 am

    12. Under a new law, a black woman from Africa who marries a black American man cannot move to the US and cannot gain US citizenship or a permanent residence permit. Both will have no choice but to move to Africa.

    Woah, is THAT actually true in Israel?

    • May 7, 2012 5:10 pm

      Are you surprised to find institutional racism and racist laws in the Apartheid State of Israel?… Yes, this disgusting racist law which bans Palestinians who marry Israelis from obtaining residence permit let alone citizenship was even upheld by the so-called “Supreme Court”…

      • hayatli7 permalink
        May 7, 2012 10:41 pm

        It is just that I can’t believe how bad it can get. I shared this on my facebook and someone asked if there is any “evidence” for point no. 15? Where can I find more details about that?
        Thank you very much for this article though, this will make a great leaflet to inform people…

      • Said permalink
        May 14, 2012 8:10 am

        Mate you should at least check your facts , the law is a relic for a British law. the corrcet term would be that a WCP and a non WCP can’t marry unless the WCP would decline his WCP assoitation to marry in country or to marry in a diffrent state.

        inter religion merrige isn’t allowed in the country unless both define they are not witihn a religion (religion less state) (

        see marrige law in Israel and citizenship, btw the US actual law is even worse (you will not be able to marry non citezen without a check )

      • May 14, 2012 3:58 pm

        I assume you are referring to #5 and #12. As for #5, last time I checked Israel was a sovereign state that can legislate or change laws, so just picking Ottoman or British laws that fit your racial purity goals and blaming it on Ottomans is not going to absolve you.

        As for #12, you are obfuscating, which is typical. In the US the INS marriage verification is meant to prevent fraudulent marriages, whereas in Israel the racist law applies to ALL marriages between Israel citizens and Palestinians and prevents ALL of them from obtaining residence or citizenship. There is no law in the US (or any other country that I know of) that prevents foreigners who marry citizens from obtaining permanent residence permit and citizenship.

        Hasbara fail! Do your homework before posting here. You are just denying the obvious which is known to everyone in Israel.

  2. Said permalink
    May 14, 2012 10:25 pm

    1. Israeli doesn’t have separation between the religion and state – it’s a pain in the @$@ , a source for conflicts and many citizens call it a theocracy psedudo-republic. A major part of the laws are relics from laws that didn’t change in 64 years this is the reality and has nothing to do with racism the same apply for other Ex-Brit countries like a Muslim women can only marry a Muslim but a Muslim man can marry any religion (Egypt) citizenship will not be awarded by Marrige (Egypt) for a non citizen women.

    this apply for all citizens. this is the reason why An Israeli Jewish women and Israeli Christian man will not be able marry in the country (the same for any Muslim/Christian/Jewish people).

    2. Israel have it own citizenship laws that are different from the one in the states (surprise ?) – between of them citizenship isn’t granted by marriage if a person is Palestinian or not. any person that marry an Israeli citizenship will not get citizenship or even get living visa in the state (the closest us have is the term “Permanent Residency”) automatic. even same religion will not grant citizenship (two Jews for your example) Israel doesn’t support jus sanguinis (the states do) and not even jus soli if not at least one of the parents have citizenship.

    The same principle is in the states – you may marry a non citizen it doesn’t provide 100% guarantee that he will get citizenship.

    The states have a similar law (see residency requirements for example for inter citizenship marriage) on the other point the regulation define granting citizenship only after several years of marriage and not proxy marriage , contrary to Israel the states do allow automatic request for Permanent Residency.

    Israel does support fiancé visa (like the US) for any person with a foreign nation that isn’t defined as a hostile country or country at war – so a Muslim Israeli can marry a Palestinian Muslim holding a Jordanian passport. But in order to do so both must have citizenship of some country (something not all people in the west bank have).

    There isn’t law against marriage not all applications are agreed (see the difference?) – the same case in :
    the US and Australia (that what I checked and see that there is a process of receiving a permit that can be decline for citizenship in a country via marriage).

    The states do decline citizenship by marriage to some immigrants and deport ones, see cases of Henry Velandia vs United states 2011 (the case was later ruled in favor not to deport) Eduardo Gonzalez case , Yessica Ramirez and many other cases – all the above have citizenship via marriage cases .

    3. You should take countries with similar law origins like Egypt and Lebanon and compare (while the french ruled in Lebanon and not the Brits some laws have the same definitions).

    If however you tried to talk about the reunion law (not an immigration law but a criminal and security law that is something different) between an Israeli Citizen with criminal charges or cases of trialed for National threat and a citizen of other country this is an ongoing legal process that still isn’t finished yet.

    please next time try at least to state sources for your claim and not ‘known to everyone in Israel’.

    • May 15, 2012 1:23 pm

      Once again, you are denying the obvious and refusing to discuss the racist law that the post referred to and then resorting to the usual practice of finger pointing in other directions:

      This law is obviously (unless you are a Hasbara agent) a demographic law targeted against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

      And of course, Israel doesn’t have separation between state and religion – that’s why there are NO shared values between the US and Israel and that’s why point #5 was made in the first place.

  3. Said permalink
    May 16, 2012 10:30 am

    for point 17 –

    people are being deported (not in past tense but as an ongoing process ) not to Mexico and Cuba but to the country of relation (citizenship, birth , source etc..) .

    Only in 2010 and only one agency deported 463,382 people from the united states due to lack of citizenship.

    Person crossing a border from Mexico will be shot on the spot,_Anti-terrorism_and_Illegal_Immigration_Control_Act_of_2005

    • May 16, 2012 11:21 am

      point #17 referred to the Nakba, which is how the Jewish State and Jewish majority was created, not to deportation of illegal immigrants but mass deportation and expulsion of the native inhabitants.

  4. Sally Parker permalink
    October 2, 2016 5:39 pm

    This articles is brilliant and funny. Please submit it to for publication. It deserves more viewers.


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