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Shared Values With Whom?

May 24, 2012,7340,L-4233509,00.html

More proof today was provided of the shared values between Israel and the United States Nazi Germany when Jews carried out a mini-pogrom against African illegal immigrants and refugees, whom Likud ruling party Member of Knesset Miri Regev described at a Tel Aviv rally as a “cancer in our society”, borrowing slogans straight from the Nazi Imagery For Jews handbook and its Der Sturmer propaganda organ. The mini-pogrom resulted only in some mild beatings of random black people and a few broken windows but not to worry, pogrom organizers promised better results next time. Coincidentally, the pogrom took place only a day after CBS aired a 60 Minutes segment in which a purblind Bob Simon exalted Tel Aviv as a vibrant paradise of tolerance and pluralism and even closed the segment with the observation that “everyone here seems to get along”…

Such incitements are quite common among Jewish politicians (let alone common folk), including Israel P.M. Netanyahu who recently warned the nation of the imminent great danger of being “flooded with 600,000 Sudanese”. The recent spate of xenophobia prompted the government to construct a holding pen for illegal immigrants, the second largest in the world (second only to Gaza Concentration Camp, another Zionist ideology by-product) with a 3 year sentence meted out to refugees and illegal immigrants, considered the harshest such law in the world.

The “infiltrators”, some illegal immigrant job seekers and some refugees from political instability in Sudan, have been a source of great concern in the Jewish State for threatening the Aryan Jewish character of the state. But the paranoia is quite inexplicable given that Israeli immigration laws, designed to preserve Jewish majority (which was created through the forceful expulsion of non-Jews, the event known as the Nakba) do not allow a path to citizenship or legal status to non-Jews and even to their children who are born in Israel. If it wasn’t for Israeli employers’ appetite for cheap unregulated labor, the alien goyim would have been schlepped across the border long ago.

Racism, xenophobia and goy hatred are par for the course in a state where children are taught in schools that the state belongs to Jews only and every goy is eyed suspiciously as a “demographic threat”, so these incidents should not come as a surprise. Indeed, there will be some public outcry led by a few liberal Israelis, alarmed by the historical irony of the Jewish State materializing into their worst nightmares and morphing into its progenitor and ideological counterpart from 1930’s Europe. But there will never be any public outcry and debate about Israel’s real refugees, those who were created by Jewish storm troopers, commanded by ethnic cleanser Ben Gurion, whose picture adorns every Jewish school classroom. Those are kept out since virtually 100% of Israeli Jews accept the concept of the “Jewish State”, which is exactly the source of Israel’s problems. This is why the whole issue of Israel immigration problems is moot when the real legal inhabitants, the natives of Palestine for countless generations, are languishing in refugee camps, prevented from returning to the lands and homes by the same racist laws which were enacted to maintain the illegally obtained Jewish majority in the event known as the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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  1. Harry Elhardt permalink
    October 10, 2012 9:47 am

    You don’t mince words. The substance of what you say in terms of ‘shared’ tenets and principles is correct and is also borne out by historical facts. The logic alone would coerce a thinking person to arrive at conclusions you have obviously come to already. The presentation might become a bit slicker, if you don’t mind my saying so, That aside, the principle problem, however, is: Not too many are reading or listening. American networks, and it is those that count for the unbroken support of Israel and its settlement policy, have for egregiously obvious reasons no interest to shed the light on the U.S. backing the ‘wrong’ values, as it were. Just think of how Pape and Finkelstein have been and continue to be vilified. Tread cautiously, when you can expect snakes in the grass.

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