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10 reasons why Bill Maher is a piece of shit

July 20, 2014

Does Bill Maher pretend to be an idiot, or is he really one? This is the question that came to my mind when I watched his latest puke-worthy fawning piece about Israel. The smug talk show host, for whom the expression “progressive except Palestine” was coined, reached new depths with his contempt for Palestinians and support for their oppressors.

Short explanation: “progressives except for Palestine (PEP)” describes the kind of people who are progressive in their beliefs in just about every way except when it comes to Palestine, where they become supporters of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and colonialism. That view is typically explained by their ingrained belief that Jews have a different DNA than the rest of mankind and therefore all standard measures and norms are dropped when Jews are involved. For example, if a non-Jew murders a person he is a criminal that should spend the rest of his days in jail but if a Jew murders a person there must be a good reason for it and he must be retaliating, therefore the victim is to blame. If a Jewish State practices apartheid with different sets of laws for Jews and gentiles and builds colonies for Jews-only, then they will extol the virtues of apartheid! If the Jewish State locks people in a ghetto and liquidates entire families with American supplied military might, then it surely is because the victims did something wrong to deserve it! Bill Maher is the type of progressive that if in the future Israel decides to make dog food out of Palestinians and market it in the US, he would be the first to volunteer to be the brand’s spokesperson in national ads.

Here is Bill Maher, conducting a lively debate between an Israel supporter and another Israel supporter, moderated by a third Israel supporter. And a holy orgy of lies, distortions, misrepresentations and smugness ensues.

After watching the above spectacle it became clear to me that “progressive except Palestine” is insufficient to encapsulate Bill Maher’s world view. I had to leaf through my dictionary for a good hour in search of a better term. Fortunately, thanks to the richness of the English language, I finally stumbled upon the fitting expression to accurately describe Bill Maher: a piece of shit. So without further ado here are the top ten reasons why Bill Maher is a piece of shit:

1. The famed atheist who has gone as far as making an atrocious documentary movie where he mocks people of all religions for 100 excruciating minutes, turns out to be giving his endless support and admiration to… yes you guessed it… a state that was created based on religion, has religious parties in government, has no separation of religion and state and still touts Judaism as its raison d’etre. Why does atheist Bill Maher support a religion-based state? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

2. Bill Maher repeats the lie and the myth that Arab states “started 8 wars against Israel” whereas in reality Israel started all wars against Arab states (including 5 invasions of Lebanon) with the exception of only one war – the 1973 Yom Kippur war which was in itself a limited war to reclaim territory occupied by Israel in 1967, and hence legitimate. Why does Bill Maher propagate unfounded myths on behalf of Israel? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

3. Bill Maher touts Jewish supremacy to Arabs by pointing to the fact that Jews have won more Nobel prizes than Arabs and that must be because of a higher percentage of “Jewish atheists” (whatever that means), which explains Arab backwardness according to him and Israel’s technological advances. Yet you would never hear Bill Maher advocating Apartheid S. Africa as a role model of a state and white supremacy as an ideology because whites won more Nobel prizes than blacks. Why? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

4. Bill Maher considers Israel morally superior because it could kill more Palestinians but it doesn’t. In the same way, Bill Maher would consider the US to be morally superior in Vietnam because it could have nuked the entire Vietnam but didn’t. Why is Bill Maher creating false morality arguments? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

5. Bill Maher who at some point called the US military budget “the world’s largest welfare program” and opposes such waste, doesn’t mind sending over $3 billion a year from his tax money, or around $2,000 annually for every single Israeli family, to subsidize Israel’s military. Why does Bill Maher believe our tax dollars are better spent on a foreign country than at home? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

6. Bill Maher helps one of his guests to spread the gigantic lie that Israel left Gaza and no longer controls it, even though the UN, the entire international community and even agreements that Israel signed view the Gaza strip as occupied territory, considered an integral territorial unit with the West Bank, both under occupation since 1967. Bill Maher would never claim that Warsaw Ghetto was not occupied by Germany because there were no German soldiers inside it. Why? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

7. Bill Maher tells Palestinians that they should forget their dispossession and move on, even though the majority of them still live under a repressive colonizing military occupation and some are locked in an open air prison behind walls and remote controlled machine guns. Would Bill Maher preach to Jews locked in the Warsaw Ghetto or in occupied Poland to forget and move on? Of course not. Why? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

8. Bill Maher blames Palestinian deaths on.. you guessed it… Palestinians. He upholds the mendacious claim that “Israel is defending itself” from rockets even though Israel is the occupying power and hence the aggressor. Bill Maher denies the occupied people the right to resist their occupation and incarceration. Why? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

9. Bill Maher makes the claim that “Hamas would wipe Israel off the map if it could” while ignoring the fact that it is Israel that has wiped and is still wiping Palestine off the map with colonies. Why does Bill Maher support the wiping off the map done by colonial immigrants but not the natives who were wiped off the map and who want to do the reverse? Because Bill Maher is a piece of shit.

10. Bill Maher ignores the ongoing colonial context and the Jewish state’s policies of Jewish exclusivity, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, colonization and “Judaisation” on the expense of Palestine’s native population. He ignores Israel’s discriminatory laws, its state definition of Jews versus non-Jews, the denial of refugee rights, the violation of dozens of UN resolutions and the Geneva Convention, the millions of people under Israel’s rule without basic human rights for generations – all these monstrosities that have been going on since Israel’s foundation and that no progressive would ever support. Is it because Bill Maher is ignorant, pretending to be ignorant, or is it just because he is a piece of shit? I vote for the latter.

A Brief History of Gaza

November 19, 2012

In its most recent assault on the defenseless population of Gaza, Israel is claiming to be “defending itself”, a preposterous claim parroted by the ever-so-subservient White House and Congress. To anyone with even a shred of knowledge of the facts, it seems outlandish that anyone would believe this absurd Orwellian language that turns oppressor and occupier into victim and victim into aggressor. So let’s review briefly Gaza’s history and put things in perspective:

Who are the Gazans and who are the real bad guys? Most Israelis are not aware that most Gazan Palestinians are refugees from what is now Israel, created during the 1947-1949 ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist forces. The Zionists – fresh colonial immigrants from Europe to Palestine under British colonial rule – aimed to create a “Jewish state” on a land populated by an overwhelming majority of non-Jews (Muslim and Christian Palestinians). They achieved this through violent expulsion in what is known as the Nakba (Palestinian catastrophe). Gaza is the small strip of land into which a large number of refugees from historic Palestine were herded. Thus most Gazans have land and property deeds which have been confiscated from them by the newly established Zionist state and were prevented from returning to their homes for the only reason of not being Jewish.

To this flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention, Israel added by shooting thousands of unarmed refugees who attempted to return to their homes (the Palestinians were then as they are now – a defenseless, mostly rural society without an army or a state). It later razed to the ground hundreds of Palestinian villages and wiped them off the map with the intent purpose of erasing the history and the people of Palestine.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine created a surreal situation where the newly established Zionist state claims to be “defending itself” from the people it just dispossessed – a situation that continues to this day (imagine someone one day showing up at your door step, then forcing you out of your house where you and your family have been living for countless generations, and then when you try to reclaim it, convinces himself and others that he is a victim of your “irrational aggression”). And indeed, hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in houses that were confiscated from their legal owners who are now destitute stateless refugees languishing in refugee camps only a few miles away, while the refugees are being vilified for trying to reclaim what’s legally theirs.

Adding insult to injury, in 1967 Israel conquered the Gaza strip and then overnight the refugees came under the rule of the same state that had dispossessed them 19 years earlier. A happy reunion of the people and their land? Not so much. Then began a chapter known as Israel’s permanent “occupation” – a brutal regime of military repression and colonization in which Palestinians have no basic human rights, are allowed to work only as day laborers on their former land in menial jobs, and are subject to permanent military occupation where 6000 Jewish settlers planted by force in their midst by the Israeli colonial state are allocated 30% of the land of tiny Gaza and 70% of its scarce water resources. Israel creates a system of Apartheid, in effect to this day: one civilian law for Jewish settlers and another harsh military law and courts for Palestinians who sometimes live only a few hundred yards away.

In 2005, after having tortured (I know, I heard the screams of tortured Palestinians in the interrogation rooms of Israel’s notorious security services) and killed thousands of Gazans and leaving scorched earth behind, Israel decided that the cost of maintaining 8000 Jewish settlers in a handful of colonies was too high and decided to “disengage”, removing the settlers and soldiers from within Gaza but at the same time turning it into a giant ghetto, surrounded by walls and remote controlled machine gun turrets, a 300 yard death zone within the fence and a “warden” who even monitors the calorie intake for the 1.5 million inmates. “We put them on a diet” joked one of Israel’s top political advisors.

Once again, a permanent siege on a civilian population with scarce resources with an average income of $1/day, that prevents imports and exports. The entire world watches on and stays indifferent as humans locked in a giant ghetto resort to digging tunnels in order to smuggle food and basic necessities.

The bottom line: Israel expects Gazans to accept their fate and live peacefully behind walls and barbed wire, without an economy, future or slight hope for returning to their original land and homes, while the warden liquidates people as he pleases and shoots anybody who approaches the fence and continues his colonization drive in the West Bank.

As the horrors of the Jewish State start leaking into the world’s consciousness, Israel has embarked on a massive propaganda campaign to blame Hamas for Gaza’s misery, with the Western press generally going along for the ride, as it usually does when it comes to Israel.

But of course, such propaganda that takes advantage of the ignorance of the general public easily crumbles by pointing out two stark facts: the colonization, torture, apartheid and military oppression lasted for 4 decades before Hamas came to power and in fact long before Hamas existed. In addition, the Zionist propagandists ignore the fact that in the West Bank the “moderate” Abbas is in charge, where he vehemently fights terror, jails Hamas activists and obeys every order he receives from Israel’s military echelon. Did Abbas get a state? No. Did Israel stop its apartheid, military occupation or colonization of the West Bank? No. In fact it has been accelerating them. This just proves that Israel, the colonial apartheid state keeps doing what it’s been doing, i.e. ethnic cleansing, colonization, oppression and apartheid, regardless of who represents the Palestinians or what they do. Israel is the embodiment of the Zionist ideology which aimed to create a “lebensraum” for Jews in Palestine on the expense of the Palestinians, something which has been done continuously since Israel’s establishment and has not stopped for one day ever since.

A Palestinian refugee holding the keys to his house, confiscated by Israel. Israel has defied the Geneva Convention and UN Resolution 194 by preventing him from returning to his home. The reason: he is considered a “demographic threat” to the Jewish State, a state that was established in 1948 through the ethnic cleansing of native Palestinians by colonial immigrants from Europe.

Pam Geller’s Subway Ads

October 11, 2012

You may have heard by now about the controversy created by Pam Geller’s “American Freedom Defense Initiative” ad campaign on San Francisco buses and in New York City’s subway. The ads which call on viewers to support “civilized” Israel against “savage Jihadists”, by evoking a strong sense of patriotism (“American freedom”) in a battle between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, is a crass attempt to create controversy and generate headlines. They are as tactful as a KKK Grand Wizard in the middle of Harlem.

If I were a conspiracy theorist and if I hadn’t known Pam Geller’s true vile character and bigotry from her previous “work”, I would suspect that Ms. Geller was a Palestinian supporter. After all, the ads achieve exactly the opposite of what their declared purpose is. This failure is so obvious that even the ADL, the main Zionist mouthpiece within the US, was quick to distance itself and condemn the ads as racist.

So what does this ad do? Does it garner support for Israel from previous opponents? Does it affect undecided Americans in a way that they would shell even more of their taxpayers money into Israel’s coffers? Not by a long shot.

Pam Geller’s ad draws an implicit parallel between the “civilized” European settlers in North America and the “civilized” Jewish settlers in Palestine and between the “savage” native Americans and the “savage” Palestinian resistance fighters. These were the exact terms, still fresh in every American’s mind, that were used to describe the North American takeover by European settlers and to justify the dispossession of native Americans. The same goes in Israel as the Zionist colonial settler state, created through violence and the expulsion, dispossession and oppression of the natives of Palestine, views itself as being at war with the “native savages” of the Middle East.

The problem of course is that in America and most of the “civilized” world, it took countless genocides and destructions of local populations until the white “civilized” man realized the evils of colonialism and acknowledged his sins. Colonialism is passe, there is not much support for eradicating more native populations. The “savages” who at times scalped women and children were just resisting dispossession and defending their land against a foreign invasion. Their violence, as savage as it might have been, was just a small fraction of the violence and savagery inflicted upon them by the colonial invaders, who in essence decimated and genocided them.

Israel in that sense is just “behind”, as the last active colonial state in the world today, still refusing to recognize its past sins and failing to acknowledge its current ones. The cynical Israeli mindset is “we have to finish the job first, just like in America”, i.e. to decimate Palestinians to “manageable” levels, before they acknowledge any past injustices. It is no secret that many Israelis pray and hope for a “Jewish Hitler” who will bring about a final solution and rid the land of those pesky Palestinians altogether.

So back to Pam’s Islamophobic ads, which are a blessing in disguise. Are they likely to sway any supporter of Palestine or “undecideds” in favor of the “civilized” Israel? I don’t think so. The ads will appeal to bigots and those who already believe in the “war of civilizations” that the Zionist masterminds concocted. However, even a mildly intelligent American will be able to connect the dots, either consciously or subconsciously and realize that Israel is doing to Palestinians what has been done to native Americans. After having acknowledged its past sins, is America ready to support another colonial project of dispossession, if presented as such? I don’t think so.

And as for Palestine supporters, I suggest the following counter-campaign, inspired by the universal view of mankind’s shared struggle for justice and freedom:

In any conflict between oppressor and oppressed,
support the oppressed.
Support Palestine,
defeat Israeli Apartheid.

“Rights To The Land”

June 24, 2012

The basic tenet of Zionism, i.e. Jewish nationalism, is that “Jews” or a “Jewish nation” – a notional extra-territorial entity comprising of people of the Jewish faith throughout the world – have an exclusive right to a land which they call Eretz Israel (Land of Israel). Just speak to the average Israeli Jew for five minutes and they will tell you that “we (i.e. Jews, as opposed to Israelis) have a right to the land”. This belief is inculcated into Israeli Jews since childhood through Zionist indoctrination.

It follows that non-Jews who reside on the land, even if they are the natives of the land for countless generations and have land deeds, are viewed at best as “guests” or “foreigners” (Ger in Hebrew), being there not by inalienable right but rather by the Jewish landlord’s “generosity” (as you have noticed, writing about planet Israel inevitably involves a lot of quotation marks) which they must work hard to justify. At worst non-Jews are viewed as interlopers, unwanted squatters, awaiting their turn to be ethnically cleansed.

The boundaries of the mythical Eretz Israel are unknown and subject to interpretation. Some Jews claim that it stretches all the way to the Euphrates river in Iraq, some interpret the Land of Israel to contain “only” current day Jordan, while others believe that it is confined to the Jordan river. Of course, Eretz Israel is just a mythological concept, much like Xanadu, subject to religious interpretation and limited by pragmatism to how far the Israeli war machine can expand the Jewish Lebensraum, to ethnically cleanse the natives and replace them with Jewish colonies. The lack of definition of the clear borders of the mythological Eretz Israel and the nebulous extra-territorial nature of the “Jewish Nation” help explain another feature of the Jewish state: that it is borderless, boundless and expansionist.

Zionism with its Jewish “national” claim over land is a pernicious ideology that has corrupted much of Jewish society since the onset of Zionism, although many current day Jews are not even aware that they have been unwittingly subscribed to this reprehensible creed which shares common roots with Nazi ideology.

Let’s be clear: a “nation”, whether Aryan, White Protestant, Arab or Jewish, does not have “rights to the land”, not even to the geographical area where it is confined to, let alone to a geographical area that it immigrated to such as is the case with Zionism. The demonstrably corrupting feature of this ideology is that while Moyshe Nusbaum is a decent fellow who would never dream of claiming Abdullah Rahim’s house and land to himself, as a “nation” Moyshe Nusbaum does exactly that. While Hans Gunther, a decent German, would never think of claiming Yehuda Goldstein’s property for himself, as an “Aryan nation”, Hans Gunther did exactly that.

Just as Hitler’s “Aryan Nation” claimed rights to the land of Germany, deported the Jews and confiscated their property, a “Jewish Nation” of Zionists claimed the land of Palestine, expelled the native Palestinians and expropriated their houses, lands, personal property and even bank accounts. There is no difference between the two with the exception that nowadays Nazism is considered the epitome of evil while Zionism, for its more nuanced bigotry and creeping ethnic cleansing, is considered acceptable. This poisonous ideology has corrupted not only Jews: because of Jews’ prominence and special status in the Western world and the tendency of religious people (and those who cynically use religion) to interpret spiritual religious text as a land registration deed, this warped Zionist world view has been dripping onto other turfs, mainly that of Christian Zionists but also some laymen gentiles and philosemites who now subscribe to the notion that “Jews have a right to the land”.

But this is of course a great fallacy: “nations” – an imaginary arbitrary construct – do not have rights to land or property – individuals do. States extend their sovereignty over territory but extending sovereignty still does not annul individual ownership rights. For the same reason “Jews” or a “nation of Jews” do not have a right to the land of Eretz Israel, Palestine or the Holy Land no more than they have a claim to China – individuals do, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Druze.

Those who have been fooled to believe that Israel is fighting over sovereignty or that the current dispute with Palestinians is over borders must wake up from this illusion. Israel, as the “state of the Jewish nation” as it defines itself (and as an ethnic cleansing colonial state as we define it), is in a boundless continuous process of expanding the Jewish Lebensraum in which borders are only temporary armistice lines until further expansion. It takes the creed of “Jewish claim to the land” (as opposed to Israeli sovereignty over the land) and puts it into practice by ethnically cleansing non-Jews, confiscating their property and transferring lands in a one-way direction: from non-Jews to Jewish hands. As long as the ideology of “Jews claim to land” is not abolished (i.e. end of Zionism), the Jewish State will seek to expand and ethnically cleanse this notional territory of Eretz Israel, which has no defined borders.

In the same vein, winning or losing a war does not annul an individual’s right to his property or land – these are the most basic rules of humanity and such countries that violate these rules should be banished from humanity and be made pariahs, as they deservedly are. For this reason, Zionism is an ideology which must be confronted and exposed for its sinister nature. When America’s Vice President Joe Biden proclaims himself to be a Zionist to gain Jewish votes and campaign donations, we must remind him that being a Zionist means subscribing to a Nazi-like ideology which grants immigrant Jews from Europe a “right to the land”, to expel non-Jews and confiscate their property. Hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel live in the houses of Mahmoud, Ibrahim and Karim, houses which they have not bought nor could have ever claimed ownership to as individuals. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled from Germany, their lives destroyed and property confiscated. This is the end game result of these nationalist creeds, to which Zionism belongs.

One out of three thousand, six hundreds and ninety two

June 1, 2012

Percentage asylum requests granted to Eritreans in 2010, by country

The US State Department recently released a report in which it highlights the stunning fact that its “shared values special friend” and little protectorate is possibly the world’s leading anti-refugee state. The report notes that out of 3,692 reviewed requests for asylum in 2011, most of them by refugees from war-torn countries, Israel approved one (for the mathematically oriented that would be 0.03%).

Such anti-refugee bias would not be so attention worthy if it wasn’t for the habit of Jewish organizations, to this day, to point the finger at the West and blame them for having closed their borders to Jewish refugees during WWII (partially true but ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union throughout the war was open to Jewish refugees, who just preferred America). And of course, a few hundred or even a few thousand refugees cannot even change the aryan Jewish character of Israel as they represent less than one tenth of one percent. But such extreme xenophobia is almost natural in a state where every non-Jew is viewed as a “demographic threat” and all government policies are meant to maintain the Jewish majority (which was illegitimately obtained through expulsion of non-Jews). Of course it also helps that the refugees are black – the unspoken reason for categorically rejecting the asylum requests.

I guess relative to the man who suggests shooting gentiles (something Israel has experience in as thousands of unarmed Palestinians were shot to death by the IDF in the early years for trying to return to their homes and villages, which the Zionists confiscated or destroyed), Netanyahu’s plan for a concentration camp seems humane… Now where did this man in the video get the idea that the United States shoots Mexican illegal immigrants? The answer is quite simple and it’s called projection: they are projecting their own fascism and extreme ethnocentrism and xenophobia onto the rest of the world. The Zionist Jews have convinced themselves that they are a Western Democracy, therefore they believe that their attitudes to dealing with the Others (brutal oppression and military violence) are shared throughout the world.

Quneitra My Dear

May 28, 2012

Watch this beautiful haunting video

The town of Quneitra, once a bustling town of 37,000 in the Hadbatu ElJawlan (Golan Heights) lays in ruins, almost 40 years after the new Barbarians of the Middle East were forced out by a UN brokered armistice. In the short month of June 1974, this pastoral town standing since Byzantine times was ransacked and systematically dynamited by Israeli forces. A history spanning well over a millenium came to an abrupt end.

Few Israelis under the age of 60 have heard about the city of Quneitra and the story behind it. Even fewer outside the Middle East have heard this name. It makes sense: not many people have died in Quneitra and no great battles were fought on its premises, which makes it an obscure footnote in the annals of the Zionist-Arab conflict. Obscure that is, if you’re not one of the 37,000 denizens of Quneitra, who forever lost their homes and native land.

The town which was first conquered by Israel in the 1967 six day war (and subsequently colonized with an adjoining Jewish settlement – the M.O. of the Jewish Lebensraum expansion project), was evacuated of its Syrian residents, becoming a ghost town under Israel’s rule. Over 100,000 Palestinians and Syrians were ethnically cleansed in the Golan Heights alone during that short war and dozens of Syrian villages were subsequently razed to the ground by the Israeli army. Quneitra was held by Israel until the 1973 war during which it was briefly recaptured by Syrian forces, only to be taken back by Israeli forces. In 1974 under a UN brokered armistice agreement, Israel was to relinquish control of Quneitra.

Quneitra had survived the Romans, the Arab caliphate, the Seljuks, the Mongols, the Crusaders, the Ottomans and the British Empire, among others. But nothing could have prepared it to the viciousness of the Zionist invader, that which views the people of the Middle East as no more than weeds that need to be removed and its towns and villages as no more than ant colonies. The Zionist project of erasure stretches as far as the Israeli war machine can take it.

In the long list of Israeli war crimes and violations, Quneitra stands unique. It would take a great historian to find a rational explanation for the systematic destruction of Quneitra by retreating Israeli forces. The most often cited explanation is that Israel simply repeated the Nakba war crime of 1947-1949 when it razed to the ground over 400 villages and towns to prevent their residents from returning to their homes. But such an explanation falls short since Israel was evacuating Quneitra and relinquishing it back to Syrian control. Others claim it was a revenge for the Arab affront to Jewish supremacy during the early days of the 1973 war – a war in which Egypt and Syria aimed to reclaim their territory which was taken by Israel in 1967. But that too fails to explain what sort of revenge should be meted out on an empty pastoral town standing since ancient times. A psychologist would perhaps be better suited to explain this recurring theme of aggression against property and infrastructure, a common practice of Israeli warfare, most recently employed in their second Lebanon war and the Gaza assault.

It was in Quneitra that the Syrians realized that the Zionist invader was unlike any other before him. Yes, they had known about the Nakba, about the massacres, the rape of women by Jewish forces, the execution of POW’s, the cold blooded mass murder of unarmed refugees and peasants, the wholesale destruction of villages and confiscation of property. But the destruction of Quneitra by retreating Israeli forces could not have served any other purpose but a display of sheer malice, a venting of collective bile and hatred. To the new Barbarians, the history of Palestine or the Middle East means nothing as the Zionist narrative is frozen in time like a clock on a sunken ship, some time about 2500 years ago. They were brought up on a mythological tale of a glorious Jewish kingdom and were made to believe that they are the returning rightful owners of the land and all other dwellers are “squatters” who deny them their rightful claim to the entire land.

The Zionists concocted for themselves a narrative of eternal persecution and sufferings and are now ready to dish out revenge on whoever and whatever stands in their way. This perception is augmented by a distorted historical narrative of Palestine which is further reinforced through heavy indoctrination with a made-up national mythology. This is perhaps the most logical psychological explanation for this psychopathic behavior. It is collective deep seated hatred directed at those who in their mind are Hitler’s successors and stand in their way of realizing their God given right to ethnically cleanse the entirety of Palestine and beyond.

Shared Values With Whom?

May 24, 2012,7340,L-4233509,00.html

More proof today was provided of the shared values between Israel and the United States Nazi Germany when Jews carried out a mini-pogrom against African illegal immigrants and refugees, whom Likud ruling party Member of Knesset Miri Regev described at a Tel Aviv rally as a “cancer in our society”, borrowing slogans straight from the Nazi Imagery For Jews handbook and its Der Sturmer propaganda organ. The mini-pogrom resulted only in some mild beatings of random black people and a few broken windows but not to worry, pogrom organizers promised better results next time. Coincidentally, the pogrom took place only a day after CBS aired a 60 Minutes segment in which a purblind Bob Simon exalted Tel Aviv as a vibrant paradise of tolerance and pluralism and even closed the segment with the observation that “everyone here seems to get along”…

Such incitements are quite common among Jewish politicians (let alone common folk), including Israel P.M. Netanyahu who recently warned the nation of the imminent great danger of being “flooded with 600,000 Sudanese”. The recent spate of xenophobia prompted the government to construct a holding pen for illegal immigrants, the second largest in the world (second only to Gaza Concentration Camp, another Zionist ideology by-product) with a 3 year sentence meted out to refugees and illegal immigrants, considered the harshest such law in the world.

The “infiltrators”, some illegal immigrant job seekers and some refugees from political instability in Sudan, have been a source of great concern in the Jewish State for threatening the Aryan Jewish character of the state. But the paranoia is quite inexplicable given that Israeli immigration laws, designed to preserve Jewish majority (which was created through the forceful expulsion of non-Jews, the event known as the Nakba) do not allow a path to citizenship or legal status to non-Jews and even to their children who are born in Israel. If it wasn’t for Israeli employers’ appetite for cheap unregulated labor, the alien goyim would have been schlepped across the border long ago.

Racism, xenophobia and goy hatred are par for the course in a state where children are taught in schools that the state belongs to Jews only and every goy is eyed suspiciously as a “demographic threat”, so these incidents should not come as a surprise. Indeed, there will be some public outcry led by a few liberal Israelis, alarmed by the historical irony of the Jewish State materializing into their worst nightmares and morphing into its progenitor and ideological counterpart from 1930’s Europe. But there will never be any public outcry and debate about Israel’s real refugees, those who were created by Jewish storm troopers, commanded by ethnic cleanser Ben Gurion, whose picture adorns every Jewish school classroom. Those are kept out since virtually 100% of Israeli Jews accept the concept of the “Jewish State”, which is exactly the source of Israel’s problems. This is why the whole issue of Israel immigration problems is moot when the real legal inhabitants, the natives of Palestine for countless generations, are languishing in refugee camps, prevented from returning to the lands and homes by the same racist laws which were enacted to maintain the illegally obtained Jewish majority in the event known as the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


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